How Odd & Even Numbers May Affect Your Feng Shui’d Space!

Jan 22, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of indulging my very enormous coconut milk smoothie habit with Ariel Joseph Towne, aka The Feng Shui Guy,  and we discovered as we had a late afternoon snack that we have a lots in common and in compliment to one another.  For one thing, we live on the same street in Los Angeles, steps away from each other, and have for several years! (Yes, there is a reason why I have such a hard time leaving my block; it has a life force to it!) And while we work in different ways in space we both bring ourselves to the table when we work, informed by our unique upbringings and, dare I say, theatrical natures, and share a strong intention to help people shift their lives.

We chatted about how big a concept feng shui can be – and by the size of my blog you know how I feel, there’s so much that has not been explored since feng shui was “formed” thousands of years ago!- and how we see the landscape of working with space changing as our world moves toward greater personal desire for wellness.

And,  we shared things we discovered from working for years with people on creating their feng shui’d homes. There was one tip I had to pass on, as it was beautifully made real for me…and I think it will be real for you, as well. diy vases

(a beautiful mess has an awesome DIY to make these!)

In classical feng shui,  odd numbered amounts of objects are thought to promote change and even numbers are more “stable”. I don’t do this by the books unless there’s a specific situation that calls for it, and still, it never felt wholly right to me but in very specific circumstances.  The classic version of this concept is putting pairs of objects in your relationship area of the bagua (more on the bagua here if you don’t know what it is!) to strengthen your relationship energy.  Still, I’ve always felt that unless a concept is very real to me I can’t apply it with sincerity, and the even and odd numbers always felt a little, meh, to me.

I never considered this before but the way Ariel said it, it stuck with me, and I’m going to keep the metaphor (and the tip!) in mind:

To take a step forward when you want to walk you have to throw yourself off balance for a second and stand on one foot. You put two feet on the ground to be stable. Even numbers are stable and odd numbers promote movement.

What a very cool way to look at objects in space. And what an interesting way to approach the desire for change versus the desire for stability.

My experiment: I am adding three meaningful objects to an area of my home (and life) that I am ready to shift. I invite you to do the same.  Once it shifts, will leave a twosome of objects there.  Excited to see this in action in my own real-life demo.

Thank you Ariel for the tip, and for an awesome afternoon!  xoxo Dana


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