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Jan 24, 2014 | Creativity

yangyang pan

(blooming time by yangyang pan)

Life doesn’t happen in pieces.

Many of us operate as though it does.

Our love lives, health, creativity, career, self-esteem, money, wisdom, family, philanthropy and friendships are all related.

But we act as if all of these aspects of life are not related.

I have done this to guard myself from the effects of the tricky “pieces” of life and pour myself into the things I excel at more naturally.

If you are like me, you have reasoned that,  “One day you will get around to doing…. (fill in the blanks with your own stuck parts of life!)”

In feng shui, it doesn’t work that way.

I haven’t seen it work that way in life either.

Have you?

If you are looking to make big dreams come true, this idea may set you on a very dynamic path. 

Imbalance- the avoidance of some things and the over-emphasis of others-  makes it really difficult to ever see yourself to the day when you can take risks in places like love or creativity that get stuck very often for people.

Imbalance makes the blocks grow bigger.


In homes, I see people who have turned a corner of their home that relates to money or love in the feng shui bagua (more on the bagua HERE) into veritable temples of aesthetics and attention in an attempt to create more of one “piece” of life.  In essence, this is not a bad thing to do, but it isn’t complete.

Love is not only to do with the far right corner of your home from the entrance door. Money is not exclusively influenced by the far left corner of your home from the door.

Everything in your space works together.

Everything in your life works together.

yangyang pan

(yangyang pan)

If you think you can go through life without stable, intimate relationships because they are too tricky and money is far easier to pursue, ultimately, there may be a void that money does not fill.

If you want to build your world around a relationship and neglect your life purpose because it evades you, that relationship may crumble because you have less of you to bring to is as time goes on.

Single-minded focus is great when you are sitting down to work.

Single-minded ways of living life start to make things tricky. They shut down your power.

If you have been thinking that you will just focus all of your energy on one thing until it is perfect and then you will move to the next, you are putting yourself in a very small and limited box.  Not only will the rest of your world suffer the neglect, your point of focus will also get less greatness from you than it deserves.

Every single area of the bagua works together.

Every single part dynamic of your life works together.

An idea to carry you forward in a more powerful way: do not actively (or passively!)  neglect big parts of your life!

If you think you can take care of your health once you reach the next work milestone… Taking care of yourself will get you to that accomplishment more vibrantly.

If you believe that you can have a great relationship once you are at a certain level of success… Relationships that are great foster a synergistic wisdom that is unstoppable.

If you want to work on your career after you feel you can pull away from intense family obligations… The more you are grounded in purpose, the more you can bring power to your family in a real way.

Whatever you are putting off could actually be what you need to move your life forward.

Everything in your space works together.

Everything in your life works together.

Move toward opening the doors between all these spaces and allowing yourself to create a lifestyle that is full and dynamic rather than leaving all these big parts of life in small boxes that never quite feel right.

Think you just don’t have time to do this “big living”?

Well, when you let all of life work together, the energy you have is tremendous.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Dana

    Happy birthday!!!

  2. Dana

    Oh, and thanks for the exercise!

  3. Katie

    Listening to an awesome book on tape called “the ultimate anti-career guide” Rick Jarow. it talks about approaching your career relating to the chakaras which i think totally relate to your maslow concept! Yea for good books and smart people!


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