Feng Shui For 2014, Year Of The Wooden Horse!

Jan 26, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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I came upon this brilliant article filled with feng shui advice for a year of exciting expansion and change written my my own feng shui mentor, Gabriele Van Zon, Ph.D, and I had to share it!

To know me is to know that I do not “follow” astrology, or  anything of the like, but I think that everyone here can relate to wanting a dynamic year filled with positive happenings, and Gabriele explains how to shore up your house to make the most of a productive year of action!  

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Feng Shui Wisdom to Tame the Fiery Wood Horse of 2014! by Gabriele Van Zon, Ph.D 

With New Year’s Day, this time on January 31st, begins the wild ride through the Chinese Year of the Horse.  The forecasts and charts of the zodiac indicate an unbalanced year of volatility and aggression.  Much can be gained if we manage to hang on for the ride on this vigorous, feisty and strong horse. 

remington Right now he is chafing at the bit to charge out of the gate, so we must decide quickly whether we will be like the cowboy of Frederic Remington’s Bronco Buster who gets tossed around by a wildly bucking horse, or the jockey of the derby in full control with a competitive edge. Rather than the cowboy kicking the unruly horse into submission, let’s be the sleek jockey whipping his noble horse into the winning streak on his ride to success.

We need to take a look at feng shui basics to understand what marks our path through a fiery year of conflict and dynamic energy.  According to astrological calculations for 2014, the five elements are out of balance with earth and water missing completely in a chart of excessive fire.  Our tips below suggest feng shui adjustments to subdue the excessive fire.  Since the wood horse is the most exuberant of all horses, we would not want to douse the fire completely by adding too much water. But we could use purple and gray as a subtle combination of fire (red), water (blue), and metal (gray) to gently feed the water.  Purple, in a shade of radiant orchid, is the color of the year for 2014.  

For balance of yin and yang, the excessive yang energy needs to be harnessed and reined in by the jockey (us) taking control.  The year ahead is full of opportunities and wide open spaces where feelings and spirits are amplified and volatile.  When tempers flare, it will be best to retreat and take refuge with yin protection instead of reacting with yang aggression.  The clear thinking and analytical perception of the metal element will control the excessive qi (chi) of our wildly running horse.  Let anger bounce off your metal armor and hold the reins with graceful and generous control. 

A feng shui Rx for the year of the fiery wood horse:

purple crystals

Add Earth: With earth missing in the element chart, we are concerned about a lack of stability and steadiness.  Adding the earth element will gently reduce the excessive fire element without extinguishing its dynamic spirit.  We can bring earth into our environment by adding crystals and gem stones. Ceramics and earthenware are good receptacles for the predicted windfalls and potential for wealth and abundance.  A Zen garden with sand and a rake to create auspicious patterns of circles and squares would be a playful diversion.  We could wear or use earth colors including yellow and introduce square shapes to our surroundings.  With the help of the bagua we should add earth to the center where we want our space to feel anchored and weighty.

Find Yin:  When we feel assaulted by excessive yang energy and aggression, we could retreat into a cocoon space with soft pillows, feeling protected from temper flares and anger.  Indirect lighting and dimmer switches will soften glaring lights and fiery glances. We can eat yin foods with balanced menus to sooth aggravated digestive systems, calm nervous energy with lavender or jasmine, and bask in soundscapes of soft music.

Add Protection:  Every culture has belief systems and superstitions with talisman or amulet protection. We want to choose symbols that have meaning in a deeply personal interpretation of feeling safe.  They can be worn or placed as guardians in your space.  They will also serve as helpful reminders that we need to be prepared and cushioned for a bumpy ride.

Focus:  Strong focal points are always desirable but even more so in this year of volatility and distraction.  They are good markers to steer our horse toward the goals we design without getting sidetraked.

vision board


Create a vision board or a map:  It may be wise to map the course we want to follow for 2014, find direction and guidance, and then stick to the chosen path.  Detailed lists, possibly a symbolic picture or vision board can be helpful reminders of the heading we aim to pursue.  Packaged and controlled, the extra energy can be used to empower what we hope to accomplish.

The magic words for 2014:  clear thinking – control – focus – retreat – protect – choose well and guide your horse to success

Thank you Gabrielle for sharing such gorgeous feng shui advice to add balance, wisdom & vision to any home and life!  You can read more of Gabriele’s wisdom HERE at Feng Shui Universal. xoxo Dana



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  1. Rhonda

    I find it interesting that you don’t believe in astrology but you practice Feng Shui. Hasn’t your master taught you about the 4 Pillars of Destiny? It is basically Chinese astrology and is instrumental in applying Feng Shui to a house/office. My Feng Shui master uses the birth information from everyone in my family to make recommendations for each year. I do not believe that you can really make specifically accurate suggestions to a person about Feng Shui without the vital personal charts of each person in the house. Sure there are hard, fast rules that apply to everyone…location of staircases, stoves and toilets, but each building’s Feng shui is specific to the inhabitants themselves and their individual astrological/Four Pillar charts. And no, not all Virgos are having the same life as you. Sun sign astrology is very broad and basic and there are many factors that can make the known traits of sun signs untrue for some people and very true for others. If you want to know more about astrology I suggest you have a professional read your personal birth chart and I also recommend a solar return chart which is calculated each year near your birthday that will give you excellent insight about the year ahead. All the best to you!

    • danaclaudat

      Hi Rhonda! Welcome!
      The feng shui I practice has nothing to do with Pillars of Destiny, or any part of astrology. It is based on traditional rules as substantiated by science, Pyramid School. It is a way to strongly- and personally- empower environments.
      The other feng shui of which you speak is based on a form of Buddhism that is provisional (as in, historically noted as not relaveant to this time period if you read Buddhist texts) and when I first encountered feng shui I was completely stunned, confused and felt awful to hear that entire years of my life would be limited by “bad fortune” and the like that no “cures” could fix. I saw no point in red strings. I had no purpose or connection to talismen. my bed coulod not face the directions required by these rules.
      Many people find me after encountering the same horrible experiences and confusion.
      It seems that your view of feng shui as spiritual & meptaphysical appeals to you and that is awesome. We have to do what works for us & I encourage that. That is the opposite of what I do and what I share, and if you talk to my hundreds of clients, everything is tailored specifically for them.
      & I have had my charts done by famous astrologers, have been to world-renowned psychics (all great news, in fact, beyond great) … and in the end, I would rather do, and encourage, creating ones life through actions 🙂
      I hope you stick around and see the science, psychology, element theory, color psychology and even anthropology and physics unfold in space in awesome ways…! xoxo Dana


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