Grains Of Sand Magnified Reveal More Magic Of Nature

Jan 26, 2014 | Creativity

microscopic sand

(Yanpin Wang)

This is your average handful of sand, under high-power magnification.

Its an entire univer of color, shapes and intricate crystalline patterns all unique and all spectacular.

It makes you think of what you are missing in life if you aren’t looking close enough, and how much we dismiss as commonplace that is actually a treasure trove of the magnificent. 

sand magnified

(gary greenberg)

Delicious bits of coral and shells and honeycomblike fragnents mesh together in a symphony under foot every time you step on the sand.


Absolute sculptural art. Magnificent.

Dr. Gary Greenberg wrote a book on his explorations of the jewelry of the sea- sand, magnified- that is filled with luscious, almost impossible-to-believe images, and if you want to have this reminder of microscopic wonder, you can find it HERE. 

Sand is the earth element in feng shui.  Earth- solid, stable and creative- is far more than what we think of in brown tones and pottery.  Earth is teeming with life beyond our comprehension.  The same goes for feeling the rooted connection to the Earth that we all need to maintain in order to thrive. If you aren’t feeling as rooted as you’d like, HERE  are some feng shui tips to help you get grounded. 

It is incredible what happens when something ordinary becomes a wonderland, just by looking a bit closer.


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