Are You Carrying Burdens That Make Your Whole Life Heavy?

Jan 29, 2014 | Creativity

let go of things because they are heavy


Heavy.  Weighted down.

Why do we associate “being strong” with carrying burdens? Why isn’t “strength” actually the ability to let go of huge burdens that are fruitless, superfluous and just drag us down? 

Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle

(Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle show how to transform a burden- re-hydrating raisins into plump grapes-  in intensely cool culinary art!)

If you are anything like I have been, if something is heavy (a very tormenting relationship, a soul-crushing job, etc, etc…), you won’t immediately let it go.  

First: you will question why you are so weak!

Then: you will declare that you need to get stronger.

Next: you realize that the challenge is not really that engaging of carting this thing around.

But, still: you don’t want to let it go because it is something that you need to overcome.

And, finally: exhausted and perhaps feeling a little defeated, you will let it go physically. But mentally, you may have bookmarked this weight as something you want to be able to carry one day.

It is as though we get rid of burdens and somehow determine to steel ourselves to be able to bear bigger burdens in the future.

Is this virtuous?

I used to think so.

But I don’t think so at all any more.

Heavy burdens run counter to our nature.

Helping people is the most virtuous thing in the world. It comes from a different place than thanklessly carting around soul-crushing burdens.  Empowering others lightens their load, while it lightens yours as well. Taking on problems that are not your own doesn’t empower. It just makes you heavy.

We carry our own self-induced burdens, too.

The self-induced heaviness of being creatively blocked can make us feel more solid than we are.  Thinking back to Parker Voss’s brilliant article about how we are physically composed of almost empty space powered by force (oh you will love this piece, right HERE), when we feel SOLID we are actually working counter to our physical nature.  Creative blocks are called “blocks” because they feel as real as a brick wall.

Being fully self-expressed, even with the things you are not apt to share, can help you eliminate the heaviness of secrecy from your life.  Keeping secrets can actually affect you physically, burdening your life and making you actually feel as though you are carrying extra physical weight.  (you can read this fascinating study published by Stanford University right HERE)

Carrying around stuck emotions can also make you heavier, even physically gaining weight! Studies have shown that weight gain caused by emotional stress (ie: stuck emotion) is very prevalent. 

The best way to become lighter? Let go of things.

How?  However you can!

Physically stretching more, keeping a journal, seeing a therapist, deciding to be more open in friendships and intimate relationships are all tangible ways to lighten your life.

Cleaning your mirrors, washing your windows and purging lots of clutter are a few great feng shui ways to support this intention.

Whatever you decide, I hope you decide to be lighter .  The world needs your light!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Nicky

    Thank you, Dana…I’m so weary this morning, still affected by old family stuff that turns my daughter against me….so I have bookmarked this very HELPFUL AND TIMELY article to read when I have eaten breakfast. It is so good to have a helping friend in the art of living…and also good to know that you definitely wish me health and prosperity….
    Thank you for your lovely soul and loving purpose. I am setting up as a life coach and sometimes wonder if I can do it…but when I feel the benefit of help from people like you who do not know me, yet love to help, I know that I can do the same for others…

    Have a lovely day!!

    Nicky Grant xx

    • danaclaudat

      Nicky it is always a joy to hear from you an you are always lifting your life higher! And yes, living is an art for sure! Wishing you an awesome weekend, and always! xoxo Dana


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