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Jan 31, 2014 | Home Style

abigail ahern

Abigail Ahern: her design a study in dark infused with light, a ton of textures, immense detail, fuzzy extras and some shine.  Her rooms are nothing short of awesome and a very big lesson in Tao – what connects you to your life.  Today’s home inspiration in rich in personality, saturated hues and textures that create a signature that is inimitable! 

abigail ahern

Deep color, mood lighting… a room that puts the chill in chilling out, and that is just as important to some as the light and bright!

abigail ahern

Love the fantastic ball of furry spaghetti strings.

abigai ahern

Painted wood floors can be the easy way to “renovate” without installing new boards!

wood panel walls

Oh, how divine are the wood panel walls?! How luscious is the bedspread? How dazzling is that chandelier?!

To mine your own personal style, dig into flea markets, thrift stores, museums, books and anything compelling that you can get your hands on!  Experiment.  Touch new textures. Feel different colors.  And mix that into your space!! xoxo Dana


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  1. Q

    I love it! I find myself equally drawn to dark spaces like these as well as the light and bright stuff. My problem is always trying to figure out how to incorporate both in my home and still have it flow. I also always fling myself from monochrome to rainbow in terms of what color (or lack thereof) I want in my space. If my budget allowed I’d probably redecorate every couple months, but that’s not exactly sustainable. Ahh, a work in progress as always…


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