Feng Shui For Overcoming Creative Growing Pains!

Jan 31, 2014 | Creativity

change is hard

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While I don’t like to talk a whole lot about pain, we all feel it.  Whether it’s a headache or a heartache, there is no such thing as a life devoid of challenges.

Growing pains are the most confusing.  Everything is going incredibly well, and then… boom!

You have a crappy day, someone criticizes you,  the job that was secure suddenly ends… and you wonder, “Am I really going backward?”

Nope: these are signs of growth!

field of flowers


Here is some feng shui to help you through the common growing pains in any area of your creative life:

When you grow bigger… you will get criticized.  Every one of my friends who is killing it in their business has more than a handfull of slander and criticism to deal with, often in a very public forum.  When you grow you are likely to get criticized in all sorts of ways.  It’s sort of a law of the universe these days, especially with the Internet making criticism very easy.

You can’t let it stop you from creating!

If you bristle from criticism and get tempted to shy away from more creating in an area of your life,  in your home try displaying more of your accomplishments and landmark events.  Whether it’s your wedding photos or your college diploma, bowling trophies or a letter from someone you admire, displaying your best days is not self-involved. It is self-affirming!

It’s important to be reminded of all there is to be grateful for.

When you are getting unstuck, you may be met with temporary chaos. 

It’s true. Clean out a closet and you will be sitting in the middle of a junk heap before you get to the part where it is gorgeous and funtional.  Renovate a house and all you see and hear is mess until you get through the expansion stages.

You have to keep going, anyway.  Cultivate more flexible wood energy by doing more yoga, eating more greens, writing in a journal or just wearing more green!  Be flexible and keep going. The way out of the mess is to go through it!

When you are hitting a new level- whether in business, art or your personal life- you may realize the bad habits and disorganization that you have been ignoring.

Things might feel overwhelming, even if they are great.  You can grow so big in some ways that you need more organization to maintain your growth.  It’s why companies hire more staff when they expand.  You may need to do the same for yourself on a micro level: see where you need help and get it as you need it.

The last thing you want to do is decide to keep your creativity in a smaller box so you don’t have to deal with organization.

The last thing I ever expected in my own life was to watch everything get bigger as I sank into a hole of disorganization myself!

This is not unusual.

This is the make-break point in making change.

Deal with chaos.  Organize more profoundly.  Everything will stay relaxed and expand to be much larger!  xoxo Dana


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