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Feb 1, 2014 | Life With Art

dana claudat

Kinda freaking out today with total art joy!  It was a week of promised thrills and expectations met by fashion and art that took things off the charts in terms of grand pleasure!  This week’s Instagram is filled with Diane Von Furstenberg’s Journey of A Dress exhibit….!  (If you are in LA… a MUST-SEE!) 

fortune cookie


It all started when I got these fortunes from fortune cookies that I came upon Monday in a giant bowl.  I definately needed the thrill.  Especially since I had to face the prospect of Grand Jury Duty, a very intense civic obligation here in America, and that brought me downtown to the Los Angeles Music Center.

disney hall


Where I was pretty promptly dismissed to spend some time admiring the most gorgeous building in Los Angeles, Walt Disney Hall designed by Frank Gehry.  I mean… the walls are water. Metal water.  Surreal. Things were looking up!  That’s when I promptly messaged my dear frend Alexis Hyde who reminded me that we had to see… the Diane Von Furstenberg show!

DVF journey of a dress

Boom!  Yes, this is like nothing else I have seen at LACMA.  You can feel the energy flying off the walls, and each of Diana Von Furstenberg’s contributions to history- pop culturally, in art and in the history of women in the world- literally sing from the black-mirrored space.

dvf journey of a dress

Hundreds of DVF wrap dresses throughout history!  Her wrap dress literally revolutionized women’s clothing.   No longer did you have to dress like a man to be a professional woman.  I have some of the earliest dresses (see above!  my dress is behind me in a different color on a mannequin!) that feel like silk armour, and fall like a second skin on you as you wear them.

warhol Diane Von Furstenberg

And does it really get any better than all the art OF Diane herself- her Warhol (above) and the bananas Chuck Close works, Francesco Clemente… Scavullo… the gallery walls teeming with a history of the iconic woman herself? Nope.  As Hyde said, “She is just so unapologetically herself, it’s fantastic.”

Live with more art. Immerse yourself in the adventure.  Wear art.  Consume it.  You will never regret the thrill…!   For more, you can find me on Instagram HERE.  On that note, I am off to stalk in the Internet to re-build my vintage DVF collection. xoxo Dana



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  1. Tami

    Awesome post! The picture of you with the mannequin is so cool! And the second cookie fortune… 😉

    This is so cool, I just scored a DVF scarf today at the thrift store. I seldom buy scarves and don’t care for brands, but rather liked this one.


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