The Warm And Welcoming Decor Mix Of Pastel And Wood

Feb 4, 2014 | Home Style

pastel and wood decor (via)

I have always favored pastel as an almost neutral color.  When you add in luscious decor touches of wood, it becomes a heightened experience of the quiet, cool and yin.   Pastel and lots of wood  in a pair have synergy, combining to become the most relaxing decor I have ever seen! 

pink chairs


Charming, delightful, precious and so well-curated!


(dot & bo)

Ah, the color combination of these vases is dashingly delicate and yet so very solid.

pink and wood


How light, bright and yet solid and steady.  Can you see how pastel makes the room so much more engaging and less stark, without too much punch and vigor.  It is an easy-breezy look!

wooden bowls


These bowls are totally divine.  What a comfort for a breakfast salad (my favorite one is HERE) or some cereal.

pastel bedroom


And the subtle nature of muted pastels makes for a very restful but also sultry space.  The velvet finish on the bed also helps make this a sink-into-it space.

Pastel & wood.  Yet another ways to rethink a neutral space, bringing in more life and yet mot too much pop.  It is an easy mix to orchestrate without being too design savvy… yet so unusual that you will brand yourself a design genius in the process!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Trisha Toelstedt for Thos. Baker

    This is an inspiration I didn’t expect. Pastels. Pastels?! Gravitating toward the greys as I do, there are times I feel as though something is missing. As though a room needs a little pop (but not a pop if you know what I mean) to bring more life into it. This is genius – bring in the unexpected pastels and let them work their quiet magic!

    • danaclaudat

      🙂 glad you like it. i’m very much a pastel fan…!


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