Do You Have Faith In Yourself & Your Life?

Feb 5, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

faith bigger than fear


Do you trust in yourself and your life?  Or, do you find yourself constantly on guard because you believe the world is working against you? 

running stream


My dear friend was met with some bad news, and I am not happy to hear about her situation.  We brainstormed this morning all of the ways for her to untangle things, and each was met with a big objection. They were not the way that things should look.  Every solution seemed to feel mired in resistance before finally unraveling.  The situation was stuck.

And then I remembered that you just can’t force things.

In the realm of nature, if running water meets an obstacle, it does not stop flowing. If there is a rock in the way, water will flow over and around the rock without hesitation.  The stream will not stop and say to the rock, ” I really want you to move because it is not fair that you are here.  This is my bad luck to find you in the path! Now what am I going to do?!” The stream immediately looks for a new place to flow, and keeps moving.

If you hit a giant dam, the water might collect in a giant pool when it meats an obstacle this big… but it will not cease to run toward the dam. Ultimately, the dam will need to  flow to someplace else, or the water will hop over the damn if enough collects.

Water is meant to flow.  Stagnation will lead to the water being polluted, less dynamic and even sick.  Lots of germs live in stagnation.

Stagnation is the reason for loads of illness in living beings according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We were meant to flow, just like water.

Flow requires faith in life to some degree, a measure of faith in yourself that is tangible.

If you trust, you can flow. If you think that trouble is lurking around the bend, you might choose to fight to have everything “your way.”  That’s where the stagnation starts to set in.

Yep, today a big obstacle fell in the path for my friend.  All the “not fairs!” in the world will not move that big rock. Nothing seemed to work when we tried to move the rock out of the path.  So, there are two options: stagnate like water in a dam or choose to roll with the punches and find a way around the great big rock.

If we were to waste our time trying to force the rock to move because it was scary to deviate from the usual way things go, not only would we get stuck and stagnant, we would lose valuable time that could be spent doing amazing things to fix the problem.

Faith lets you flow.

Next time you find yourself forcing things to go your way, remember that water always finds a way.

Try to be more like water.  Spend time cultivating more water energy in your life: drink more water, take baths, visit the ocean, get a fountain.   Activate that flowing stream in your own life. You may find you are far more flexible, resourceful and genius than you thought.  xoxo Dana



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  1. Dawn Barnes

    Hi Dana! As always a great article. My take away fsvorite line: “Next time you find yourself forcing things to go your way, remember that water always finds a way.”

  2. Constant Cat

    Others have said it, but this blog is just amazing. Every day, I have to get my daily dose of healing and calm from your thoughtful words. It goes much, much deeper and farther than feng shui – or rather, reveals its depths through other spiritual means. Thank you, Dana. You feel like a friend!

    • danaclaudat

      wow, how beautiful and unexpected! thank you!!! (& don’t be surprised if we meet one day- I have met people all over the world who happen to have tuned into this humble little blog– and I hope we do!!! xoxo

  3. Phills

    I like your comparison of water. As I read this article, initially, I thought “we aren’t water so why is Dana using water as an example ?”. Then I remembered that we ARE mostly made of water so what a great comparison after all. I loved this article I am going to share this with a loved one.

    • danaclaudat

      Yep, we are! And on that note, I am off to drink more water! Thank you for this lovely note. xoxo Dana

  4. Divya

    Danaaa! I’m your fan! I love your articles and you ! This article is so meaningful and true in real sense. I have recently developed the habit of drinking loads of water.
    Keep up the good work.
    Your fan from India
    Divya 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      Hi Divya! I can feel your enormous energy all the way from India! Thank you immensely, and I am so grateful and humbled by your compliment!!! xoxoxo

  5. Manuela

    Yes!! Beautiful!! Water will flow no matter what obstacle is there. It will always find a way around it, and doesn’t care how it flows. No judgements! Also no fears. I guess if I can be observant of what is happening around me, I will be able to see where the flow wants to continue.

  6. Judy

    Hello Dana!
    Thanks for the reminder that I really need more faith in myself and my life! Before finding your site in December, I was trying to force things to go my way and as you pointed out, I was stagnating! Clutter and old stuff that didn’t serve me as well as old thinking. I have been so much more open to my life since then and a funny thing happened:)) My life started to move around and over what seemed like obstacles!! Thanks for all the inspiration and practical suggestions to keep me moving ?


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