Adding The Energy Of Fire Colors To Your Home!

Feb 6, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

red lantern

Fire colors catch your eye and pull it through space.  In essence, fire colors move energy through a room.

In feng shui, fire ignites energy, and quite often catalyzes change.  Fire colors can add a whole lot of energy to a space with just a bit of red, orange, hot pink or orchid.  And, fire makes everything a touch more scintillating!

Above, you can see the effect of a red lantern focusing almost an entire room around itself.

pink pillow indoor swing

(deco crush)

In this fabulous room, a hot pink pillow confers stardom upon a hanging swing.

balcony art


This mural- mixed with a healthy amount of violet, pink and orange- takes the whole balcony and lifts it up.

orange art

Even with lots of color, the near tomato-tinted orange painting steals the show.

red cabinet


What you put in a red cabinet takes on a hotter, more compelling vibration.

pink art

And oh wow, this very simple office space takes flight with one big hot pink disk that levitates beside it on the wall.

Use fire colors deliberately and you will find your home falls into more order, as attention flocks to the radiant vibration. xoxo Dana


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