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Feb 6, 2014 | Home Style

bohemian home

Bohemian decor often stretches the borders of good sense and reason, catapulted by feelings and expressiveness into a realm of nature, super-comfort and desire for communal living that I am very much attracted to on many levels.  While I can’t say that all of this decor is feng shui to a tee, it is all resonant with a feeling that is inimitable and charming.

Bohemian decor is a great lesson is speaking your truth in visual ways… so let’s indulge it!


Does kinda sound like me.  I bet it sounds a little like you, too!

bohemian bedroom


Why not build a massive pillow pile? Why not cover your bed in faux fur? Why not drape curtains behind you as a headboard?!

bohemian bedroom

Here we have the paired-down bohemian contrast- a bed on the floor, lots of handmade rugs, layers of textures on the bed… a real wow-factor.

bohemian porch

Super-wild boho chic pairs any color in the world together to combine with the surrounding forest of trees to create a gorgeous effect.

bohemian purple


Deep colors create mystery entrenched in a magical knot of branches that form a natural canopy!

hanging pots


A fantastic way to try out more of the earthy goodness of the bohemian: add a gnarled cutting board to serve your morning breakfast, some wicker, some plants.  The very “carefree” yet substantial nature of this image makes for robust sensory indulgence!

If the Bohemian visual vibe is overwhelming to your sensibilities for your own home, you may want to look at ways to add earthy fragrance, food and even the feeling of greater freedom to your home to encapsulate the boho spirit even in the shockingly modern. xoxo Dana


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  1. Michelle

    LOVE this style! I think I am a closet bohemian at heart, lol! Question: referring to the photo of the mattress on the floor (which I kind of like, because I am also a minimalist at heart as well). Anyway, doesn’t that conflict with feng shui in that the energy can’t circulate??? Interested in your answer on this.

    ~Thanks, Michelle Enzenroth

    • danaclaudat

      sort of, yes. i kicked off this piece with a little disclaimer that its not all “wildly feng shui” but all wildly inspiring to me! that said, there are a whole lot worse things than a bed on the floor, fyi. so if you are drawn to it, try it 🙂



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