21 Ways To Refresh Yourself On A Crappy Day!

Feb 7, 2014 | Creativity

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Having a bad day?

Been there.

Sometimes these are the days that catapult the great ones into being… so before you freak out, see if you can flow with things.

Here’s my personal 20- list to pull out of a crappy day…!

Usually I will go some of all of the following… !

1. Walk it off. Around the block, or around your city… whatever it takes.

2. Take a shower.

3. Sing in the shower!

4. Smell some aromatherapy, something you love, even if its just cookies baking in an oven or a candle you have at home.

5. Eat a superfood.  From the exotic- like goldenberries- to the everyday awesome like a tangerine- this is a good one.

6. Write it (the crappy stuff) out of your head and onto a page.

7. Draw a picture of your problem and shred it up or (safely!) burn it!

8.  Make plans that have nothing to do with your day: give yourself something to look forward to!

9.  Buy books.  It’s a mild addiction of mine these days!

10. Tell someone how much you love them.

11. Pet a furry animal. Nap if possible.

12. Dance to music like a maniac when no one is looking (or when they are!)…!

13. Take a step out of your crappy situation. (IE: apply for a new job, call a therapist, whatever it might be that you need, take one step now)

14. Hug a giant tree. Sit under it. Bring one of those books.

15. Google something of interest and watch a video about it. Or ten videos.

16.  More extreme: Go get a haircut. The folklore is that hair holds emotional memories, so when you cut your hair, you get rid of old emotions. Fun thought. Great fresh start.

17. Take a day off.

18. Drink extra water.

19. Close your eyes and meditate.  (Typically, I sit down and do some Buddhist chanting.)

20. Do a headstand. Turn the world upside down 🙂

21. Try a home energy makeover for a few minutes.  THIS really clears the air.

Now….if you don’t find anything that will perk you up personally, write out what will. Or better, just go and do it!

While not every day is sparkling light, be good to yourself no matter what is happening. Flow keeps it all moving.  xoxo Dana


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