Quickie Vintage Berry Fruit Rollups!

Feb 8, 2014 | Food-Shui

DIY berry fruit rollups

Literally this is a vintage love of mine- the berry fruit roll-up-  so I tried to make the image vintage.

You know, some things succeed and some are….experimetal.

And since I ate them all I couldn’t keep shooting!

All images aside (yours will be 100% gorgeous!!!) , you have GOT to try making fruit roll-ups!

1. blend two cups of berries (frozen and thawed organic berries are just fine) until super pureed.

2. add a tbs of honey, blend more.

3. line a rimmed baking sheet / cookie sheet with parchment paper.

4. turn your oven on to 170 degrees farenheit.

5. smooth the berries over the parchment.

6. leave in oven for 3-4  hours, checking periodically after two hours.  they should be 100% dried out but not burned or crispy. flip up the edges and roll back a bit to test.

7. let come to room temperature when fully cooked & they will peel off when done.

8. roll as you wish, or tear into pieces and people will devour!

xoxo Dana


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