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Feb 9, 2014 | Prosperity

ben franklin schedule

(the good men project)

You know, I am always beating a drum for going “back to basics” in our lives of techie wildness.  I do understand the conundrum: I operate online quite a bit and it seems that I am tethered to the Internet and its social media portals with strong resolve.  That said, I also do a whole lot of basic things in life for the last handfull of years, and these basics have  restored my sanity in the buzzing, lightening-fast universe.

I came across this page from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography written in 1791 at The Good Men Project.   You can read the results of what one man found when following Mr. Franklin’s regime in our modern world right HERE.

Needless to say, it is game-changing to have a schedule that allows time for actual life to happen.  And there are parts of this that dare-I-say revolutionize the way we could be living! 

There are a few things about this daily schedule from Benjamin Franklin that stand out:

1. The day starts with setting an intention: “What good shall I do this day?” 

2. The day starts when the sun rises, for the most part. (early-rising feng shui tips, right HERE) 

3. Breakfast was had.

4. There are four hours at the end of the day to organize, socialize and chill out!

5. The day ends with a killer question: “What have I done good today?”

The rather simple take-away from this is that it isn’t such a monumental task to live a life of purpose. It takes one question in the morning, one in the evening and a desire each day to endeavor to do good.

Having an actual schedule, even if it is a bit more rigorous that Benjamin Franklin’s schedule, is not a bad thing.  Some structure is not “prison” if you are doing what yuo ;ove to do.  Structure actually helps you to care out lots of free time.

So, perhaps tomorrow morning you will wake up and as yourself, ” What good shall I do this day?”

And from there, the opportunities expand with your early-morning resolution.   With lots of time later in the day to have fun!

It is such a bit of good fortune that Benjamin Franklin thought to share his daily regime!  And to think of all the gurus we credit with ideas like “setting intentions ” when people have been doing it daily for hundreds of years  😉

xoxo Dana


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