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Feb 10, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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(I’m obsessed with Saipua flowers… and everything they make!)

Talk about love and you realize the many sensations associated with a simple word that we all… love!  Today, I am thrilled to share a piece of brilliance all about feng shui for Valentine’s Day from my teacher and mentor in feng shui,  Dr. Gabriele Van Zon
Valentine’s Day, A Feast Of The Senses With Feng Shui, by Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal

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(Johnna Phillips)

Think feng shui and Valentine is our holiday.  All feng shui basics come into play.  Tao connections lead all the way back to Roman Times and the Middle Ages when the Pope declared St. Valentine’s Day.  Legend has it that a certain third-century priest, named Valentine, persisted in performing marriage vows despite a ban by the Roman emperor Claudius II who was convinced that single men made better soldiers for his army.  Thrown into jail, Valentine fell in love with his jailor’s daughter, some say he cured her blindness, and he signed his last message to her “From Your Valentine.”

“Your Valentine” is still the  bewitching phrase that will invigorate qi (chi), the vital energy, pulsating in our veins.  Qi is experienced with the senses, and Valentine will engage them all.  Our sense of vision dominates all others with a ratio of 70 %, and visual delights come in special packages on Valentine’s Day.

A bouquet of roses is a silent witness in the language of love, embracing the recipient with a veil of intoxicating fragrance.  A box of truffles that melt on your tongue will have your taste buds dancing to the Tennessee Waltz as love tunes stream from the clouds.

With all senses tuned to a higher pitch, by far the deepest felt and most meaningful is the sense of touch. A growing body of research confirms that contact support and the healing power of touch is remarkably beneficial not only for the body but the mind and spirit as well.  It reduces anxiety in the most primal of ways, communicating far more deeply than words, a sense of concern, comfort and connection.

Friendly, loving touch can lower stress hormones and can give your immune system a boost.  Touch is as essential to well-being as fresh air and sunshine.  Our skin is the largest sense organ and many of us tend to ignore it. Compared to many others, we live in a tactophobic culture and therefore do not get enough of this physical and psychological nutrient.  If human touch is not frequent, the simple act of petting a beloved dog or cuddling with your cat will release feel-good hormones.

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(stone & violet) 

Feng shui provides easy and imaginative cures for our neglected sense organ.  A soothing aroma bath will give tactile as well as olfactory satisfaction.  A soft security blanket or a pile of cushy pillows have the cocooning comfort of a nest and protection.  The cooling rub and tender pressure of a polished gem stone is used by many massage therapists.  The sturdy support of a bench or a foot stool is physically and metaphorically a sign of stability.


In feng shui the far right corner of our space is the relationship area.  It is easy to remember if we think of extending and reaching out our right hand to touch someone who is dear to us.

Since feng shui recommends engaging the symbolic map of the bagua, the relationship corner is a good spot for our red or pink bouquet of roses together with other meaningful symbols of love and romance.  In China married couples prefer the image of Mandarin ducks as they mate for life. Trinkets or objects in pairs are always gentle reminders that there is a significant other in our life.

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And then there is the symbol of hearts for Valentine’s Day.  This would be a good opportunity to check the feng shui of the heart space of your home.  The heart space might be the geometric center, but it could also be the room or space where activities central to family life take place.  It’s where you feel the heart of your home to be and where you wish to create health and well-being.

Valentine feng shui is a good opportunity for a journey around the bagua with ready reference to all relationships in our lives. Starting at the front door where we enter with all our baggage and self-assessments, we move to wisdom and knowledge where we discover that self-cultivation and education will improve how we relate to others and then, moving on to the next gua, we nurture all relationships from the vantage point of family and community activities.

Empowerment will follow readily with the support we get from strong relationships, and our reputation will be enhanced for the future with the good will of those who hold us in high esteem.

Creativity is key to completing our journey with a legacy as positive as St. Valentine’s.

Love to all of you! xoxo Dana

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