5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving This Week!

Feb 11, 2014 | Creativity

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This week’s round-up of lifestyle goodies I am loving has all to do with creating and creating more and more energy, organization and full-color days.  From a new way to so creative visualization (and perhaps time-travel!) to some awesome smoothies, this week is all easy and all super-fun! 

Sketch books as journals. When I deviate from sketchbooks as journals I feel my thoughts become small!  I fill sketchbooks with pages and pages of free-writing, mind-maps, and even very rudimentary but fun doodles and sketches!

Punchbowl smoothies.  Los Feliz has given me a new reason to consider moving back: The Punchbowl.  This juice bar has been absolutely mesmerizing lately!   While I am not sure all of you are equipped to make pressed juices of fresh turmeric, pineapple, cucumber, apple  and cayenne, if you have a simple blender you can try my favorite smoothie that they serve:  The Halvah!

yoga mat The Halvah: unsweetened almond milk, tahini, dates and figs for sweetness and a little frozen banana. Blended and served.

Kind of incredible!

My Gaiam yoga mat.  This simple little yoga mat is pretty enough to entice me to unroll it, and at about twenty bucks, the barrier to re-entry of yoga practice was very low! Even the dogs love when I roll it out! I also really love the Prosperity pattern here. 

80’s Glam Ultra-Fine Sharpies. 

To say that I am in love with pens is a bit silly, but I am!  When you write in color, 80's glamessentially you code words in importance.  There is something incredible about reaching for the color that strikes your fancy to write a note, something so much more meaningful that simply jotting down a to-do list!  Ultra-fine Sharpies are my faves, and this 80’s glam mix is just the right assortment of odd colors that make me feel very kid-like again.

Quantum Jumping. The free introduction guided creative visualization that I got when I signed up to learn about Quantum Jumping (*I love the name!) is pretty awesome.  While I am a very intently practicing Buddhist and feel it is how I “create” life, visualization helps me to get the noise out of my mind so I can focus on giving all I can to the day.  No one is paying me to say that I am really enjoying this MP3, but I am, so I am passing it along…!



feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…   And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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