Art That Transforms Earth!

Feb 11, 2014 | Life With Art


(Autumn de Wilde) 

Nature is our most genius creative artist- giving birth to all of life.  Today, I wanted to share some art that re-imagines, transforms, colors, stretches and even radically transforms earth all with its language.  Art of the earth, earth creating art, its the ultimate creative cycles, forward and back! 

autumn de wilde

(Autumn de Wilde) 

The amazing colors of this Autumn de Wilde… the transparency… the shine. Such a wow moment in the day to see the sun transform nature.

Loïc Arnaud

(Loïc Arnaud)

Illuminated from within, the colors are close to perfection.

mark rothko


So solid, I thought I would include a classic Rothko that seems rooted in the earth so powerfully.

stuart williams

(Stuart Williams)

Stuart Williams illuminates expanses of Earth with grids  of light.

Brian Vu

(Brian Vu)

And Brian Vu turns crystals and a landscape into a collage of  fantasy.

Naz Shahrokh

(Naz Shahrokh)

This subtle rainbow of spices heats up this path of grown just out of view of the Pyramids…!

I am always excited to see the ways in which art and earth interact, as they are essentially parent and child if you think of the cycles of creation. In a very holistic sense, this earthy art has me wanting to camp, to see new views and understand more metaphors borne of the Earth that I’ve missed in the city noise.

In the meanwhile, I’ll take a walk on the tree-lined street. xoxo Dana



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