10 Feng Shui Ways To Transform A Bad Mood!

Feb 13, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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Bad moods strike even the happiest people.  We all have a day that is less than rosy, but that doesn’t need to spell disaster.  When your thoughts, body and soul are sort of sinking, there are a ton of sensory ways to stimulate some positive juju.

In fact, the dark days may be a catalyst for the best days ever, if you can open yourself to the possibility. Bad moods have a tendency to help us excavate our fears, see things from a different perspective, and potentially soar with this new awareness.  Plus, mood-brightening is always…fun! 

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1. Take a walk.  Walking and looking around, preferably outside, creates mental  space and that space creates possibility.  Sure, you get a little endorphin boost too, but it is the space that you need when you are in your head!

2. Draw your ideal day. Go ahead and make a picture. Our brain likes images more than words. I think that’s why this blog has such an impact in some ways- I am 100% visual and imagery is what moves me… and illustrates things better than words can most times.  If you want to immediately see the future, draw it!

3. Eat some good mood foods. Protein of any kind  is much better than sugar!  For me, a fresh veggie juice and some nuts are a good-mood fix. Dr. Oz suggests 5 good-mood foods HERE.   Balance in your body is as important as balance in your environment.

4. Detox from vampire voices.  If there are people who such your energy, shut them off for a while.  If you hang with psychic vampires, you will ultimately become one to other people! Stay on the light side of things. Check your life for people who drain your energy… and get some space.  HERE is a bit more on dealing with this kind of life clutter.  It can save you a whole lot of time and energy and will protect your wellness!

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(herbal ice cubes light up water!)

5. Drink a whole lot of water.  There is a condition in Traditional Chinese Medicine where a person is both tired and wired at once… and it points to a lack of water element.  Dehydration can make you feel tired and wired all at once.  A simple thing like drinking extra water can pull you out of an anxiety cascade sometimes, almost, magically.

6. Smell something fantastic.  Scent has been scientifically proven to affect your mood.   What was your favorite scent as a child? Does it bring back memories to think about it? What about your favorite scents now?  Bring them into the fold of your life, and experiment with new scents that are natural- from baking food to flowers and aromatherapy- to solidify more good moods.

7. Make a new decision. Just like moving furniture shifts the energy flow in your home, making decisions shifts the energy of your life.  Say yes to things that are engaging and expansive. I have made my best decisions- including the study of feng shui!- while in a very bad head space.  It was game-changing. It felt right.  You don’t have to be perfectly happy to change your life dramatically for the better!

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8. Re/hang some art.  Re-framing or simply just hanging some art in your home can do wonders for your mood. Be sure that everything us at a comfortable eye level so you don’t look down to see it, or have to struggle to stretch up to see it.

9. Vitamin B-12 can be a nice little boost. I learned at a young (and exhausted) age that vitamin B12 is a pretty amazing way to get a mood-boosting shot of energy.  I have taken sub-lingual (under the tongue) little B12 tablets for ages.  You can also give yourself B12 shots (yikes! Madonna reportedly has done this!) but I am a bit weary of that and stick to the easy supplements. (*Of course, ask your doctor before taking anything, and follow the recommended dosages of anything you take!)

10. Take an Internet siesta.  While I am indeed the owner of a blog, I advocate Internet breaks often, especially too much social media and other places where you can feel really isolated- rather than connected- to society.  In lieu of the Internet, call friends and socialize in person, or go out and explore your neighborhood.  While you are on an Internet break, it is a great time to dump/ file your emails and delete bookmarks and other stuff you don’t need or want to see any more.  Fresh starts- even digitally- feel really good.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that everything passes and it all gets better.

When my mom died, I went and stayed with my best friend in New Jersey.

Her mom died when we were really young.  She couldn’t get out of bed for a year.  She told me that after watching an episode of Oprah where a woman explained an unbearable tragedy (she lost her whole family in an accident) and was now helping other people to move on from disaster, she realized that she had no excuse to stay in bed forever.  Her life rebuilt from that day, deciding that even the darkest of dark could not stop things from moving forward.

And there she was, years later, helping me get out of the same place.  And from that dark place, I made some of the best decisions of my life.

Sometimes you have to just keep going, even on the worst days.  In the end, they may just be the start of the best days ever…!

xoxo Dana


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