6 Artists Who Revel In Redemption

Feb 18, 2014 | Life With Art

aliza razel

(Aliza Razel) 

Right now the world is changing at lightening speed, at least in my own life, and the idea of redemption- the great part of the hero journey, the triumphant moments like getting to the top of a mountain- is so glorious. I think everyone has their own imagery that sings to a rebirth and a fresh start, emerging from one place to a new one… moving toward your dreams. In nature-  and in art- I find that often it is simplicity that shows us how vast life’s possibilities are and how, at our core, we all seek that ease and light in the cycles of life!

Today’s art is all about redemption, and I feel more free just looking at it! 

John Isaacs Blood And Tears

(John Isaacs, Blood And Tears)

Circles.  They continue endlessly, even when they change.

Jakob Wagner

(Jakob Wagner)

The sea so foamy it seems to have a plastic material nature from which new life bubbles up.

thomas prior

(Thomas Prior) 

These melt and grow at the same time, lovely icicles that they are!

damien loeb

(Damien Loeb)

There is so much I don’t know about the stars, beyond how vastly they illuminate the world.  Here are 10 things you might not know about starts. Fascinating.

jung lee

(Jung Lee)

And yes, in the midst of the brush comes a dream.  And it is that way… as some things fall off, others emerge.  And the dreams pull us through to a place of wonderful if we let them.

Flow with life, live with more nature and find your own sense of redemption is every day and every quest you are on…! xoxo Dana



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