Mid Century Home Dreaming!

Feb 18, 2014 | Home Style

tiki mid century


Today it’s Pinterest dreaming gone to live dream-creating, as I am actually looking for inspiration for a Mid Century Modern gem that I might just be able to buy (all fingers crossed!) when I get back from New York. It is a steal of a deal, and exactly my style. My thought— if I can find enough pre-inspiration, I can make this happen faster if it is meant to be!

Mid Century Modern: timeless, clean lines, lots of really flashy focal points, calming geometry… and I would love polish concrete floors, too!  More Mid Century home dreaming… 

mid century modern


(via sfgirlbybay)

The geometry makes this easy on the eyes even though there’s plenty of quirky personality going on!

mid century modern


Simple lines would be excellent with the wild gold disco mirrors (want to reproduce them, they are incredible!)  from my Mom’s very 70’s house.

mid century modern


It never fails to amaze me how a single light can make such a huge difference!

mid century modern


Rich color on color layers of same hues are so dramatic.

mid century modern


At it’s best, this decor is like excellent architecture.  Simply brilliant.

Mixing the best of styles you relate to is the ultimate way into your own personal best style.  Let yourself play! you may be astonished by all you find in the  Retro past!  xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    Midcentury Modern…what a dream!


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