Flowers, Fruit & Fresh Colors!

Feb 19, 2014 | Home Style

fruit centerpiece

(how incredible is this image from you are my fave?!)

Fruit + Flowers + Fresh Color= today is a basket of inspiration: all somehow making a ton of juicy, delighful sense!  I’m dreaming of sunchine, a cornucopia of Spring fruit, and a whole lot of eye candy. 

pink color

Unexpected door colors bring a whole new spin to a room…

flowers fruit


How tremendous is this vase of fruit and flowers !?

painted firewood


Amazing painted firewood — this is what I call an unexpected pop of color!

hanging fruit

(hanging fruit) 

Hanging fruit creates art of the walls… elegant and almost eerie!

painted steps

(via brit & co) 

Amazing painted steps are one of the most fun ways to make a walkway spring to life! In your home, its such an easy game-changer.  Wallpaper works brilliantly on the face of indoor steps as well!

Flowers, fruit, colors that are sun-drenched, unexpected ways to create freshness… It is the little twists that give a lift to the day!  Even a bowl of fruit on your countertop can be art if you fill it with love.  xoxo Dana


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  1. Dana

    So flipping gorgeous! Ready for spring now!

  2. Karen

    Just so inspiring Dana! I love these images, the colours are gorgeous. I have a strong desire to paint something…



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