Feng Shui To Keep It Cool When A Day Goes Crazy On You!

Feb 20, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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Every once in a while I am given what I consider to be a test.

I am sure you have had a day like that!

You know, the world asks you to show how tough you can be.

For me, I feel its a way to answer the question: Can I practice what I preach in peace, love & feng shui?!


Not always!

But when it counts, when a day is so terrible that there needs to be an intervention, I have a tendancy to dive deep into my own toolkit and create a way out.

Here’s a little feng shui for a day gone haywire!

feng shui dana


(I was feeling pretty ready for the road!)

Backstory:  Yesterday I was heading to NYC from LA.  An easy flight, good weather and by all means not a big deal.

Until two of my taxi’s cancelled themselves.  I got to the airport late. I ran to catch my plane that was delayed an hour. Then two hours. And two hours more.

In the air, the engine failed and we had an emergency landing. In the 20 minutes the plane descended I chanted my heart out clutching my Buddhist beads for dear life and realized I had a few regrets.  If I lived I would not regret them!

Landed in Denver- lucky to be alive-  to no available flights.

My luggage was lost.

And I had on a tank top and a skirt to wear to the snow all week ahead.

Yep, one of those days!

I did make it home, I met amazing wonen on the final flight, and I realized after an hour in a car to get home finally just how far I had come from the days of giving up in a crisis. I also made a few big decisions I will share one day as the plane bounced into Denver.

But first…

Here are some awesome feng shui-based tips you can use to diffuse obstacles and see the brighter side of any day! 

feng shui dana

1. Drink a whole lot of water. Stress is allevated by the flow of water energy. Water has been my salvation on many occasions.

2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel the center of your body. Breathe into your center, drawing breath deep and allowing it to recharge your batteries and help you get grounded.

peace and calming

3. Carry some aromatherapy.  This one from Young Living- Peace & Calming- is a lifesaver. A potent lavender essential oil can work wonders.

4. Use affirmative phrases.  When you complain, you shut down solutions. When you decide it will work out, you find answers.   I will find a way to get home!  is very different from How the hell will I ever get home?!

5. Dump some clutter that you are carrying on you.  Clear junk from your purse, your car, your pockets, your wallet and even your phone.  You’ll be surprised how the act of creating order can shift your mindset.

6. Remember that the things worth having are worth fighting for. If you are running into roadblocks, you just need to double-down on your passion.

And always… be grateful. Gratitude changes lives.  Science has proven this, if your life hasn’t proven it enough already!



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  1. Aurora

    So glad you are safe, Dana. We love you!

  2. Naomi Williams

    Just discovered this blog because of the list at Apartment Therapy, and voted for you after reading several pages. (I only voted for three blogs.) Looking forward to going through your archives. Nice blend of philosophy and beautiful things.

    • danaclaudat

      Naomi I am so honored! Thank you & welcome!!!

  3. Ml

    Glad you are okay!

  4. Flora

    And i voted for you too! I am longtime reader. I share your blog with people all the time. I looked at other contestant blogs, thinking..ah now i will find some other blogs on this caliber. Well,maybe they are good caliber but none that i looked at (i looked at about ten or twelve) really spoke to me.
    So, I did not sign up more widely and am still listening to all that you share here.
    Dana, you really are doing something…in the sweet spot…of health and fun and simple enough but…productive.
    Thanks and wishing you a peaceful weekend and time back home…

    • danaclaudat

      Flora! What an absolutely beautiful and flattering and affirmative message! I am so happy that what I am writing is resonating! And I truly thank you for your well-wishes on this trip! xoxoxo Dana

  5. Ken

    This is really life saving stuff! Great job Dana! Your soo wise. Great respect to you!
    Your always diving deep ones again.Wy can learn a lots from you!
    Your a great spirit Dana!!
    Your great!! xoxoxo ken

  6. Faith

    Wow Dana I am now EXTRA grateful and I see my troubles today as NOTHING after reading about your crazy day! Thanks for sharing your story and reaching out to share these helpful Feng Shui based tips with us!! And geez stay safe.

  7. Noor

    I had one of those days today. I love u Dana and I love ur blog. Ur sesnse of humour is just wat I need. And a reminder that there is always hope. Thank you 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      always!!! always!!!! xoxoxoxo

  8. Noor

    By the way, the name “Dana” in Arabic is a type of Pearl !

    Mine means Light.

    Peace and Good vibes x


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