The Best Things Come To Those Who…Do!

Feb 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

good things come to those who wait


(this shoppe on Etsy is amazing!)

There is a brilliant quote attributed to Pablo Picasso about how inspiration is a real thing, but it needs to “find you while you are working.”  You won’t always have the best, most thrilling ideas when you sit down to make art.  You won’t always feel like doing the edits or trimming the poster or proofreading the text.   But you still need to show up and go for it, summoning the muse despite her not being present on every day that you need to work.

Someone told me not to be so focused, but instead to let “the universe” work things out.

In my viewpoint, the universe doesn’t seem to reward people who don’t actually DO things!

Waiting for inspiration, for the right time, for the sensible moment… its a slippery slope.  You know the difference between being strategic and making excuses to delay having to take a risk or work in a way that feels unfamiliar and cool, if not a bit scary.  Don’t fool yourself and “wait” around in excuses.  Just do.  And do, and do, and do!

Building things is an incredible joy!  xoxo Dana


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