Instagramming A Trip Home To Design In NYC!

Feb 24, 2014 | Creativity

colorful flowers

New York via home…(New Jersey!)… and it was anything but bleak in my eyes despite the freezing cold!

This week’s Instagram is a bit of the color and life of NYC at its best…!  From Times Square early morning to the flower marts on 28th between 6th & 7th, all the way to Dumbo… this was a trip of artistic proporrtion. 

shadow pictures

Right before I left, I freaked out on this hike. This was a sweet pause in my unusual stress. I didnt really confront the fact that I had not been back to New Jersey of New York since my mom passed away almost three years ago. With all the amazing things I would be doing, it was becoming clear that she wouldn’t ever see them on this planet, standing next to me. And while it simmered as stress, after a hike it unravelled and I could finally make peace with it… Moral of the story: there is always something lurking below stress for no reason in the midst of a brilliant time!

sage burning

When I got to NJ I burned lots of sage. At my best friend’s house we burned sage every day and kept things light and fresh!  I love this holder, very regal.

abc carpet

ABC Carpet & Home… I could seriously spend days in here, on both sides of the street!  In the rummaging, the carpet we found for this loft project was nothing short of absolute happiness.


A quick snap sneak-preview of some of the plants in the mix this week… ! Grabbed these for hanging planters on the wall. Ordering THESE planters for the space-— I have wanted to use them somewhere for a long time & I am a Justina Blakeney super-fan!

parker voss

9am in an empty Sunday Times Square. Parker Voss met me for a ride out to Flushing, Queens to the main New York Buddhist Temple for the morning ceremony.  What a wild adventure.  We ended up in a diner in mid-town by the end of the  morning, satisfied and me, very inspired!

intention experiment

 And the whole time I have been chipping away at this book. I am loving all the science in The Intention Experiment.  While it is enormously science heavy, it succeeds in making its case very well.  Our intention can change the world and everything in it.

Set an amazing intention for yourself today!

And you can find me HERE on Instagram….! xoxo Dana



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