Dramatic Spaces In Deep Color Contrast!

Feb 25, 2014 | Home Style

contrasting walls and decor


Contrast. In a visual sense, putting stark lights and darks beside one another in a big way in any space will create an dynamic for your eyes.  In an emotional sense, there is polarity and drama in an exciting way- mystery meets purity and innocence.  And the aesthetic is just tremendous! 

black white room


The contracting and expanding energy of dark and light literally makes a dance go on in your mind… a very big “wake up” on brain level!  That said, unless done very carefully, keep these combos for social spaces that are lively and stimulating and you will hit a home run.

black white flowers Something as simple as graphic accessories that provide a sleek, definitive contrast are a great way to try out this effect with minimal risk (before you paint walls in navy!)

black white grey


A tone half-way between two stark contrasts can lessen the energetic pop and create a more serene room.

black walls


And while we think of dark walls as “shrinking” spaces, they can help make a background fade backward, opening up a space full of lights and brights.  Look at how cavernous and even regal this parlor looks with silky carbon black walls and pastel plush furnishings!

When you are confident about your aesthetic, deep contrast can be a way of energizing a space that really displays your personality.  In creating these pops of dark and light you can enhance the strength of your personality and vision while shaping gorgeous rooms!



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  1. maggie

    I love the idea of contrast…as much as I like all white everything, I feel like that would get dirty quickly! This makes any untidy things less noticable but is still so lovely looking.


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