Ideas To Help You Get Beyond A Maybe And Make Some Creative Decisions!

Feb 25, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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Trusting yourself to make decisions can be a big hurdle to climb.

After all: what if you pick the wrong things?

In the lapse of decision, there is something strange that happens, though.

Clutter piles up. 

Confusion ensues. 

Messes are made.

Life stops being created and starts running on automatic.

In the 20 minutes last week when I was not sure what was happening to my plane in an emergency landing, I had time to do a little life review while clutching my Buddhist beads and chanting somewhat quietly if not feverishly as the plane bounced around toward rugged terrain.

In my mind’s eye…it was a movie. People stood out.  Dreams unrealized appeared as pictures in my mind. I have not made a whole lot of decisions that could- and will-  dramatically shape my destiny. I have not told enough people that I love them. I have not taken the kind of risks that I thought I did before that moment…and realized  as the flashing lights went off in my mind that a whole lot would be new once I got home… if I got home.

With gratitude, I can say I am now home. And ready!

No one should have regret.  Not me, not you, not anyone.  So, let’s start making more stunning decisions!



It seems, philosophically, that you can either:  1. make the most informed and intuitive decisions you can with the information you have or 2. live by default and sort of flounder.  I am betting you are all in camp #1… or want to be!

Here are some very helpful things to know about decision making. After all, crafting your destiny is a whole lot cooler than hoping for random miracles and elusive good luck.

THIS piece by Powered by Intuition is all about overcoming indecision.  It has a list of great techniques to help you bypass the blockade of “What should I do in this situation?”

THESE article of  7 steps to making better decisions by Catherine Price is a great tool.  Decision making doesn’t have to be frantic.

Some people suggest tossing aside the facts and just letting intuition take over. THIS opinion piece by Stephenie Zamora is all about her “decision” to let intuition drive her life.

Perhaps I include all of this to say: everyone has decisions to make.   There are a zillion ways to approach making these decisions.  I hope you make them before you find yourself on a plane making an emergency landing.

And if you are surrounded by indecision, kind of floundering in everyone else’s energy, this may spark something in your mind to start clearing space to make the changes…!

Wishing you a life where you live your dreams!!! xoxo Dana



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