In Pursuit Of Magic!

Feb 25, 2014 | Life With Art

in pursuit of magic

“In Pursuit of Magic: two female street artists on a crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in the world.”

That’s the theme of the day.

I believe art will change the world.  I feel that this very small phrase can change the planet.

Imagine a world where we all strive to be more awake, more alive, more ready to be enchanted.  This is awesome. And you might find yourself scrawling this everywhere in your own world.

in pursuit of magic

(mind body green) 

Visit NYC you will see this tag  popping up.  It is enormous in the West Village on the side of a wall. It is tiny in some spaces.  Around it, in a haze of spray paint, it seems to float.

in pursuit of magic

(dreamcatcher HERE)

Catch the magic in your dreams.

in pursuit of magic

The pursuit of magic is for everyone.  The brilliance of this movement is that the artists have empowered everyone to be a part of it. You can buy stencils here, even with your own personal mini-spray can of paint.

in pursuit of magic


Jason Wachob of Mind Body Green is in pursuit of magic, as is evident by the magic created by Mind Body Green worldwide every day!

in pursuit of magic


My whole life is in pursuit of magic.  No matter how unrealistic it sounds, if you expect magic it will show up!

in pursuit of magic


Follow In Pursuit of Magic HERE.  Join the movement. Pursue magic. It arrives when you are present to see it. Wake up. Magic is everywhere.  And very special magic from this alchemist duo will be showcased on the blog very soon!  xoxo Dana




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  1. Francesca

    I love everything about this situation 🙂

  2. Roots

    This is beautiful! I am inspired…


    • danaclaudat

      i am so happy to hear that 🙂


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