5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving This Week In Simplicity!

Feb 26, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

lipton tea

This week’s lifestyle goodies are a mix of New Jersey home-feelings and an explosively creative season this late winter!  I have definitely needed reinforcement as things expand fast in many ways, and its the simple things that keep me grounded and focused, breathing and calm.  My lifestyle goodies are all about the artfully simple things. 

1. Simple Tea. Yes, simple tea brightened my every morning in New York and New Jersey.  In Los Angeles, I seem to need my vibrant green tea leaves, but at home, the Lipton flowed freely!

2. Crayons. I adore my box of crayons. They are stationed proudly in the wealth area of my desk, since color is my currency and creativity is my prosperity!  My favorite break: taking some time to catch up on Netflix with a pile of paper and crayons.

butter london

3. Nail polish minus poison. A more natural nail polish from Butter is my latest love. I am averse to chemical nail polish, and for this reason, my nails have been bare for too long.  While I’ve flirted with other brands successfully, I can get Butter polish at my local beauty supply shoppe, and it is free of the toxic chemical trio that I am happy to avoid.   Plus, as a big fan of story, I feel you will love the descriptions of every color on the Butter website.

4. Young Living Essential Oils! I have been slow to indulge in all of Young Living’s brilliant oils because I always felt the slight weirdness of the “become a distributor” multi-level-marketing sales vibe surrounding them. That said, my best friend had a house full of oils and now I am positively addicted. They are so powerful that I instantly felt the effects of blends like Valor and Peace & Calming. I am convinced enough of their greatness that I may just make the blog a distributor so I can write more, learn more, use more and make these available to everyone in a very fun and cool way!

pink salt sauna

5. The Korean Spa.

My weekend at the spa is already planned: hair treatment, mani-pedi, Korean body scrub, hours on the pink salts in the Himalayan salt sauna, rose body balm and a great book to read on the hot jade floors.  This is where I get my best visions for the future, purify my skin and take the tension to absolute zero. Love this!

What are your lifestyle goodies that are indispensable?! Their value is not their cash price, but, rather, as high as how poignantly they pull on your heart strings.  Indulge yourself in sensory greatness and take the breaks that fill your well of inspiration. xoxo Dana




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  1. Nikki@Wonderfully Women

    OMG just love that nail polish, will have to see if I can source that in Australia. 🙂


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