Projects To Move You To Make Your Own Art!

Feb 26, 2014 | Life With Art

diy yarn art

(creative bug)

Dimension, diversion, life force and the enchanting= a little self-made art can wake up your walls in a way that is 100% you.  here are some projects that- when make with love even if not totally in technical perfection- will boost the tactile and divine in your environment! 

silver foil art

(home adore)

This mural from Home Adore the best foil tape had me googling to findto try out a pattern I have in mind for my bedroom!

wall art


While I admit the thought of a full wall stencil can be daunting... the result is so incredible I feel that it is a must-try!

paper diy art

(a little hut)

A Little Hut cooked up a very very impressive DIY in this wall art! 

diy art

(a beautiful mess)

I have shown these song lyrics on paint-by-numbers before, but they always make me want to make things (!) so you should check out the how-to HERE!  

ampersand art

(live love diy)

Live Love DIY has a project that a beginner can dive straight into: ampersand art of thumbtacks!

While there are gradients of difficulty to all of these projects (yes, I’m still a bit nervous to herringbone stencil my wall, even though it is gorgeous), if you attempt even a single and small one (foil tape= great place to start) you will gain confidence and ultimately, boldly be able to bring your impulse and vision to life in your space!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Dana

    Holy guacamole! Love this all! I love expanding my almost artistic abilities.

  2. Mary

    Hi I love all the ideas you have here. Will try few of them out. Thanks for the inspiration. Mary


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