Embracing The Genius In Imperfection!

Feb 27, 2014 | Home Style

eclectic decor


Imperfection is the hallmark of genius.

This morning I sent a picture of a design project to a dear friend. The art on the walls is deliberately “not perfect.” That’s part of the art. The response I got was complimentary and ended with “You better fix that warped wood in the art.”

And so it goes!

While you may have a specific aesthetic that favors strict order, symmetry and the expected arrangements, it is a bit of the unexpected that makes decor- and art- and work- and breakthroughs- and all of life- amazing!

blue eclectic room


Nothing here is rigidly arranged yet all is tremendously gorgeous and balanced.

eclectic living room


Toss away the “matching sofa set” idea and you get three types of personality in seating that form a poignant trio! Not everything needs to match to be absolutely stunning and reflect an eclectic and multi-faceted personality!

eclectic living room


Here, spectrums of color dot and encompass the whole room, hanging easily as they find their place, lining counters as it feels right, and the result is rhythmic! It can be perfect to live with some imperfection!

eclectic living room


The textures here make me feel fabulous.  Looking at this space, and it has more than a little quirky style going for it… and it shines!  If you’ve backed away from textures or felt intimidated by colors, now is the time to re-think what is possible for your home!  Changing a rug or adding a shining metal table can be an entire makeover in one small switch.

eclectic art on walls


Art swelling off the wall brings character and power to an otherwise more conservative living room.  Think about the dimension you can add to a space if you had shelves, or textured fabric art, or… even a verical garden hanging on your wall.

the most important things


And yes, “the most important things are not things.”

So, keep that in mind. Happiness, creativity, relationships, love, wellness… none are perfect. But they are all so important and worth cherishing in yout space, your life  & your lifestyle every day!!!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Catherine

    Your pics are so gorgeous!

  2. Magi

    I am new here, but oh so glad I came! I am moving into my new space, and I want to make sure it is creative, and welcoming to me! I live alone with my cat, and work out of my apartment, but now have a beautiful backdrop of a view with lots of natural light, something that has been missing in my space. Can not wait to get your book. Magi

    • danaclaudat

      how exciting! welcome!!! all that light will make a dramatic difference. Congrats! xoxoxo


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