Flipping Life Upside Down To Find New Freedom!

Feb 27, 2014 | Creativity

rebecca louise law

(rebecca louise law: you have to see all of her work HERE)

Yesterday I did a handstand- almost– that changed my life.

Flip yourself upside down and you will see things much differently.

I talk about clearing the clutter in life quite a lot.  Clutter is something that piles up in space, and it can also be mental, emotional and physical.

When you dump lots of stuff piling up in your home and free up space, you may feel motivated to make similar changes in your life.

If you don’t follow your energy and make those changes, the clutter piles up again around you, mirroring your clutter mentally, emotionally and physically.

My friend Vera Boykewich lead a Strala class last night at Jewel City Yoga in Glendale. While I knew it would be fun, and that I was ready to move much more, I had no idea that this was where I would find the sticking place within me and set it free!   And this moment of exhilaration opened up today’s big topic:  moving into your amazing future! 

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(rebecca louise law)

While I do deeply embrace  stability and balance, it seems that growth can only happen when you know what needs to grow.  Finding where the sticking place is, knowing the right steps to take, sometimes it requires shaking things up.

“Teachable moments” seem to be reserved for children, and I don’t think they should be only for kids!  I hear parents talk about the things they experience with their little ones – acts of kindness, funny metaphors, random occurrences that seem wise- that they use as examples of life lessons that kids should absorb and live with as they grow.

The thing is, adults get just as many teachable moments for themselves, and, as I am opening my eyes to very new experiences, even simple things are showing me what I need to know.

I bet you are surrounded by ways that your life is teaching you.

It seems we all are being taught so much every day, if we wake up to the possibility that it is happening.

dana claudat vera boykewich

(stralanyc Instagram)

Here’s what happened: 

Last night, I wasn’t ready to do a handstand. That’s what I told myself. Not a good way to start to try something 🙂

Then, it seemed so fun in the middle of this Strala class filled with music and fluid movement, dancing around and being totally OK with being imperfect, I tried one against the wall. I did it, total handstand… but with my feet up against the wall. After all, I needed support, right?

I still wasn’t up for the solo handstand.

Later, feeling all fresh and excited, I attempted to kick my legs up just a little more, to see if I could get “close” to a handstand without the wall. Cautious, looking down at my hands, and sure I would fail, I tried… but just a little bit.

Vera came over and told me to look forward, instead of down at my hands.  She said, “Look ahead and it is easier!”

I did. I tried again, kicking a little bit more confidently while looking ahead.

She caught my legs.

I was up.

“Don’t let go of me!” was all I remember saying.

She convinced me I could stay on my own, and I did for a second.

That very second I saw where I had been stuck: I wasn’t looking ahead enough, I wasn’t trusting enough… I was making things much harder for myself than they needed to be.

We were all hysterically laughing/clapping for a minute in a great way when it was over. That’s part of Strala- you are not just for you in the class, you are for all. Everyone is cheering each other on. Its such a rush.

And so what did this show me?

Looking forward makes things easier.

Trusting in other people (the right ones!) can help you to make big strides… even do the impossible.

You can flip things upside down and get un-stuck! 

I am pretty sure we can all move toward our dreams if we look forward. I’m fairly certain that in connection to life, we grow bigger as a team. And, when things are stuck, its time to flip life upside down for a second.

Idea for the week:  Clear some clutter in your physical space (home, office, car).  Be willing to be wild and flip life on its head if you need to, to figure out where that clutter might be mirrored inside of you. If you are focused too much on your present problems or situations, as for help so you can move easier.

Looking forward and walking into your dreams is so much fun!

Infinite gratitude for my friends:  Tara Stiles has built more than a yoga movement in Strala, she’s created a way to change lives in ways I now understand more widely and profoundly.  And if you are in LA or visiting soon, make sure to check in with Vera Boykewich  HERE to know where she is teaching, so you can feel that feeling, too!




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