8 Life-Changing Reasons To Love Your Home!

Mar 1, 2014 | Life With Art

(a richard meier perry street aparment renovated by RES4)

Home is where we feel completely in place, totally safe and amazingly well-cared-for.

Home has become an abstract concept for many of us because, unlike in generations of the past, our lifestyles and lives move us to new places constantly and take us out of “family homes.”  If you are in flux, constantly moving, your physical point of location that is home may feel absent or shaky as a concept. If you have a home but are not thrilled about it, that also disrupts the Home feeling.

Without a place to call home, something always feels lacking.

With a place to call home that you aren’t thrilled about, there is similarly a lack of Home.

Here are a whole lot of reasons to take the time to make yourself at home in a home you love.  Even if you are loving a less-than-ideal place, it will open the doors to the ideal places that you call Home to come into your life.

(lauren bon’s a.quincy jones barn house)

1. Your home is your sanctuary. If you live in a city, home is the place that energetically if yours apart from the noise and competeting energies around you as you go through the day.  In the country, home is literally a santuary from the elements and weather, a place you craft to be your oasis.

Lots of us use home as a dumping ground: for clutter, random storage and even problems and resentments.  You can’t be yourself in life, so you wait until you get home to unload it all in your home. Suddenly the retreat is gone.  You lose that energetic hide-away.  When you feel your home as an energetic retreat rather than a place to store all your issues and problems, you will always have a place to feel at peace.

If you find your home is more stressful than serene, it is time to start unloading clutter in your space. You will find it frees your mind from that stress as well!

2. Home is stability. How you care for your home reflects how you feel about yourself.  If you want to build big things in your life, psychology suggests that you feel at home (even in a temporary space!) before you start building a big enterprise of your life.  If you skip this step, you are building a house of dreams on an unstable foundation.

3. Your home reflects your dreams.  Check out the bagua map from ancient feng shui.  It demonstrates the powerful ways that your home reflects every facet of life as though it were a “vision board” that you are living within.  When you love your home, you can bring more power to every area of your life and fuel your dreams.

(the lautner elrod house)

4. Your home is motivating (or not!). The movement of energy or “life force” (chi, it is often called) through space will either motivate you or hold you back.  If you need more motivation, turning on a fsn or opening windows is a simple way to increase air circulation, one fast way to increase motivation.

5. Sacred space is a real thing. Scientists have measured the biofeedback waves in spaces after healers have meditated or done other healing work. The higher vibrations of healing stay in the space long after the healer has left.  Similarly, you have sacred space in your home.  Treat it as such and you will be supported by the higher energy thoughts and inspiration.

6. Home is grounding.  Home is a place where you are located on the big grid of the Earth.  The more you can fix yourself in time and space, the more grounded and focused you can be in your entire life.

7. Your home affects your prosperity. If you do not like your home, you may become numb to it, or accept lots of other low-value propositions in your life.  If you hate where you live, chances are it will fall into disrepair.  The broken, discombomulated and ill-kept in a home will affect your prosperity in many ways.  After all, with so many messages of “lack of abundance” how much harder do you think you have to work outside of your home to create abundance?

8. Home is love.  Your self-esteem is mirrored in the condition of your home.  The way that everyone you love in your life is represented in your home will reinforce their presence and your unity in love.  Having a life you love means having a space you love.  Happy people have a hard time dealing with messy spaces in my experience.   And if you are looking for love, in addition to treating your home with are, make a little space for love symbolically by clearing closets of clutter and finding ways to open up to a greater feeling of welcome throughout your space!

Ready to love your home much more?! It is so key to loving your life much more, too! xoxo Dana

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  1. Noor

    Thanks for the reminder of putting more Love into our living space! after all, it’s the most important place isn’t it? I re-potted my plants today; some of them needed it desperately and I remembered an article u wrote about bringing in more “growth” into our Lives. Thank you Dana. Peace and Love xoxo


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