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Mar 2, 2014 | Prosperity

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It was Yoda who said something to the effect of, “Do or do not do… there is no try.”

When it gets fuzzy, murky and confusing in life there is this giant question mark that lingers in the air:


So many people  who contact me want feng shui, advice and answers to this grey area that lurks around and pervades life with a dull anxiety that might even become pronounced.

Not sure what career path to take, not sure what place to go, not sure about love, not sure about a risk.

What do you do when you are lingering in questions you can not answer easily?basquiat

(Basquiat doesn’t relent: its all heart-on-a-platter, crystal clarity)

The only thing that has helped me go from spinning to secure is clarity.

For me, clarity has not always meant getting “what I want.”

So, I stopped seeking it for a while, not wanting to rock the boat of life.  You know, sort of treading lightly even when the consusion was so profound that it was tearing my confidence to bits.

But clarity always shines a light on where to find what is needed.   Seeking clearing in confusion is now a way better alternative to the insanity of tip-toeing through big parts of life.

I’ve seen this for years with my clients, too.

The more they polish their environment the more they see things for what they are… and in their clarity they are prompted to make moves or make the changes that feel right, exhilerating and empowering.

Clarity opens up a whole lot of space for greatness to happen.  Where things are not clear, you can’t really exist fully.  Try building a business with someone who might want to be your partner, or a get involved in a relationship where the affections change every day.  You sort of lose yourself in a void if you don’t get clear.

The first step to getting clarity seems to be the decision that no matter what happens – no matter what you see when the cloud lifts and the uncertainty is stopped in its tracks- it will all be OK.  If I go in gunning for a “my way -or- no way” outcome, the process of getting clear becomes a treacherous ride.   If you stubbornly must have the business project, the relationship, the house, the yes or the no, you likely aren’t looking for clarity, you just want control.  Clarity might show you that you need to move from your house, leave the relationship, get a new job or even start a new business.

Being open to anything has proven a bit daunting… but a whole lot of awesome.

I have had clients that beefed up the love areas of their homes  with clarity and spaciousness, removing tons of clutter, only to have their somewhat shaky relationships break up… and better ones come. I’ve even seen reunions between people who were never going to be reunited in the murky haze before clarity ensued.

Generally speaking, if you are willing to experience everything and open to clarity, the results always rejuvenating.

Also, in gaining clarity, you may realize how much you participated in the mess in your life. That’s right: you created the mess.  If you can embrace the fact that on some level you created where you are right now, even in confusion, you can make it all better.  If you make someone else, or some other forces, the responsible party, you will always be a victim of these fickle forces and you will never be clear and sound in your life.

If you are ready to hop out of maybe, willing to experience any and all outcomes in the name of more honesty and peace and excited to be responsible for what you have created… and what you are creating as you look ahead in life… you are very ready to get clear on things in a big way.

Wash your windows.  Toss some clutter.  Write some letters.  Dig into the way you are organized or disorganized. 

And keep going.  Clarity is not always beautiful at first, but the more honest you are, the sharper your vision, the more compassion you have… the more things will soar that were once in murky fog!  xoxo Dana



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