Dare To Live Without Regret!

Mar 2, 2014 | Prosperity

live without regret


While dying is the last thing I dwell upon, these regrets expressed over and again by people at the end of their lives really shines a light on the collective needs we have as human beings to live without regret.

Admittedly, not all living with wild abandon works out the way you want it to work out.  But, as I have noticed lately, there are ways to say you live without regret and simultaneously be full of regret.

A few things to consider: If you lose your voice often or get lots of sore throats or stiff necks, you may need to speak up more, #3.  If you have stomachaches, you may need to trust your intuition more as suggested in #1.  If you are in a haze, numb or stuck, your overall energy needs to be allowed to flow in happiness. #5.

My take-aways: 

1. As wildly unpopular as it might be, its vital to be true to what feels right.

2. Add vacations and downtime into the work week, no matter how much in love with a job one can be.  Just booked another one today!

3. Tell people how you feel— even if they don’t all respond the way you would like them to respond, you will never regret this!  Today, I am apt to regret all that I said yesterday, but it needed to be said.  You can move through life never speaking up and just kind of blindly accepting what comes  organically, or you can be kind, compassionate and vocal, too.   I remind myself: “If you lose a few people by being open with them, you weren’t meant to have them. “

4. Spend real time with your friends- and not just on social media! On that note, there’s someone I really need to see! What about you? 

5. Feel no guilt for happiness. Never. Never . Never!

Have an incredible day. Every day.  xoxo Dana



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