Embrace Intimacy & Let Love Empower Your Life On Every Level!

Mar 3, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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Love, love, love: it is transformation on every level.

While not every relationship turns into love, and not all love will sustain itself forever, the open-hearted willingness to embrace love- rather than fearing it, keeping it in the backseat of your life or putting this dynamic on an infinite pause- will bring you closer to everything you want out of your life.

Given that we are all one global family, on a very basic level, expanding your life to more intimacy with expand your universe vastly.  On a personal note, intimacy will help you move toward greatness and transcendence.

So… are you ready to love more?! 

Positive Relationships Transform & Empower You In Vital Ways

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When you can bring love closer to your life you really fulfill a major step on the road to total self actualization. Check out the Maslow Pyramid of Self-Actualization-  (you can learn more about it HERE) – and you will see that relationships are a big step  (Belongingness & Love Needs) toward being all you can be in life.

I am guessing the Maslow didn’t include messed-up relationships that lacked intimacy, honesty and commitment in this pyramid!

But… if relationships are so key to survival and thriving, why are so many people struggling to connect?

I don’t think there’s just one problem but rather a giant cloud: social pressure, social media, ideals of perfection, workaholism, skewed sense of security, tons of attention-pulling technology… not to mention all the confusing love gurus and strange advice that has turned dating into a strange and cerebral game that it should not be, and many other new dynamics that suggest we are all independent…so why be intimate and risk getting hurt?!

Vulnerability Is Key To Success

If you know Brene Brown’s work, her take on vulnerability- the need to be willing to risk getting hurt to succeed-  is monumental and compelling.  You are not wasting your time watching this, especially if you are having a hard time with risk-taking in general.

You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Intimacy… In Action! 

Apparently, pushing away love and bringing it in close to your life are both learned behaviors.

Ken Page writes in Psychology Today about three ways to bring love closer to your life in an intimate way, and as it turns out, it is only be having relationships can you sole your own love conundrums!

Positive self-talk is great, and so are affirmations, but when it comes to changing our entrenched intimacy-sabotaging patterns, relationships are where the real work takes place.

In his inspiring book Change or Die, Alan Deutschman articulates three research-backed keys to create lasting change. Each one of these steps relies upon the power of relationships:

Relate: You form a new, emotional relationship with a person or community that inspires and sustains hope.  

Repeat: The new relationship helps you learn, practice, and master the new habits and skills that you’ll need.  

Reframe: The new relationship helps you learn new ways of thinking about your situation and your life.

Which relationships in your life feel like antidotes to your own fear of intimacy? These are the people to lean on, to spend time with, and with whom to schedule as much quality time as you possible. You can even enlist their help and support in changing the patterns which you use to keep love at a distance. You may also choose to get help through a 12-step program, or psychotherapy, or any of a number of other supports. (whole amazing article is right HERE)

And, of course…

Use Your Home To Create More Intimacy!



HERE  is some very basic and simple love feng shui to help you take more risks in the name of making powerful and positive connections!

Wishing you tons of love, love, love!  xoxo Dana

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