Feng Shui To Create A Very Big Small Home Office!

Mar 5, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

small space office



Nearly everyone needs an office space at home these days.  Whether you are joining the ranks of telecommuters, running your own side business, have a full-time company run out of your house or just need a space to organize bills and plans, an office space- even a small one- will keep your life far more organized.

Here are some feng shui-based design ideas to take even a small space and make it function for you in a vibrant way!

Use the vertical wall filled with art to make your space bigger. If you are not blessed with a dedicated office space, by piling up the walls with art (as shown above) gives you much more expansive room to think, to dream and to do!

small office

(via smitten studio)

Keep things light and fresh!  Here a very white on white environment is fresh in itself, and full of focus. That intense cerebral whiteness is softened by the double-freshness of hanging plants and a furry throw.

home office


Use the industrial to create strength. Industrial shelving….or even desks and file cabinets in simple silver… have a very clear sense of might that is excellent for an office space. It is easy to soften up an industrial space with color, texture and clever storage solutions, but it is not easy to make mainly decorative storage feel and look strong.

art office


Pare down to what you really need.  Look around your work space.  I am betting there are at least 15 things you do not ever use or need.  Last I checked I had about 30 things- from staplers (I don’t use paper!) to label-makers (nothing to label!) that seemed justified taking up space in my office.  The less you cart around in terms of suplpies, the more clear your space – and your trajectory to success- will be.

corner office

(pottery barn) 

Take advantage of the corner. While there are very few great corner desks, they have the distinct advantage of maximizing space and creating a powerful corner dynamic, feng shui-style.  If feng shui, the corners of any room represent one of the following dynamics: money, relationships, wisdom or clients/helpful people.  You can learn all about what each of your corners mean in feng shui HERE.  Once you know, you can see how a corner desk set-up cam make the most of the bagua dynamics in your home!

When you allow the organization of your life to be a priority on every level, you will set yourself up for a tremendous amount of clarity, productivity and success without stress!

Shower your space with love and you’ll see it expand–along with the expansion of everything you create!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Laura

    Office space – my master BR is downstairs and I need a space to use my laptop/open mail, etc. I could get a desk for upstairs but worry about “out of sight, out of mind!” How would it be energy-wise if I put a small desk space in the corner of my bedroom, at the end of the room, opposite the bed/mirrored wall, in the corner but on the same wall as the French doors out to the patio? Thanks!


    • danaclaudat

      I’d go for upstairs! The last thing you need to keep “in sight” in your bedroom are things you aren’t quite thrilled about doing 🙂



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