How To Use Lessons From Art To Make Your Greatest Dreams Come True!

Mar 5, 2014 | Creativity

jill ricci collage

(jill ricci) 

In creativity lies the salvation of humanity.

The days of forcing one’s talents into simplified boxes and slowly scaling corporate ladders are pretty much over. This is not just me saying so.  Extensive research confirms it. The outsourcing of many jobs from various countries to various others, the globalization spearheaded by the Internet in a massive way and the rise of artist brains as the problem solving salvation of humanity  has created this present state of affairs that is upsetting the rational order of the world.  And I embrace the new, excitedly.  I hope you do, too! 

We are not one thing- we are a whole synergistic lot of things- collages ourselves of emotion, talent and experience- when we allow ourselves to be all that we are and develop our own genius.

Collage- the bringing together a melange of materials and textures, meanings and colors in layers to form a new whole- is an art form that mirrors the best of an actualized life.  For masters of the medium like Jill Ricci , it is a way of story telling in a non-linear visual language that makes tremendous sense.  Above is her work entitled Dreams.  And rather than a treatise on the beauty, complexity, symbolism, disorder and perfect order of dreams, we have a collage that tells us so in a much more beautiful, wordless narrative.

Living life in this fashion- less rigid, more dimensional and far more magical-  opens life up to tremendous possibility.

garland over the door


Structure is a part of art. The temptation is to get disbursed and just swim aimlessly in unstructured time.  Quitting your job and hanging out like a Beat poet is not necessarily the road to your dreams. Art succeeds because of structure, not despite it.

Learning how to embellish and reconfigure the structure and time that you have to suit your needs is the trick to master.  Above,   rather than tearing down the wall and creating a more fluidly bohemian entrance way to this home, some eucalyptus garland adds flourish and a fairy-tale excellence in a smart way.

don't think


Thinking less and doing more is one way to simply state the transition from purely logical living to a more intuitive lifestyle.

How can you put this idea into practice? 

art brushes


Load up on materials to bring your gifts to life.  Come to my house at the moment and you will need to find a space among the books, hence I am moving very soon (!) to a space with its own artist studio!   I realized early on in the blogging process that if I didn’t have an incredible amount of ideas on hand to play with, plus creative tools, I would soon become empty of synergy. I would cease to be creating a collage and I would start being….very A to B.  I am A to Y to K to P to Z and I like to keep it that way!  When I started cooking more food from my special diet (more on this to come in a few months) and styling it for the blog, my food improved when I started stocking up on plates, knives, small apparatus, food styling goodies… they gave me added layers to my big picture of communication.  Everything took new form and exponentially grew!

ice cream scoop


Your final products may look different than other people’s… and that is a good thing.  

I remember writing a thesis paper in college about literary vampires, male models, German art and S & M trends in fashion. I barely finished this 80 page book of a paper before graduation day.  Tons of my classmates thought I was a total loon (my previous works were about Sandwiches and Rothko paintings, Bruce Nauman art and New York mega nightclubs and many more)  and that nothing I was doing in school had any academic validity.   I won a huge Humanities Award and was offered help into a PhD if I wanted to pursue it.  I decided to get a PhD in life instead (!)… and kept in mind that, ultimately, it would only be in collage, in synergy and an artful life that I would ever find creative self-expression.

How to do that took a much of years of experimeting to totally fuse it all together, it is still fusing (!), and I am loving every second of it!

Are you living in synergy in your own life? Are you creating a life that looks like you and brings the best of you to the table? 

When you start coloring in your own way, creating new blanks to fill in and honing your ability in its uniqueness, you become your own work of art.

If you are looking to get started, sign up below for the feng shui’d list & stay current on the creative wonder-world I have planned for everyone– -from drawing groups and artful lifestyle ideas to a full-scale immersion in a creative makeover that will transform everything you touch into excitement… and gold!

xoxo Dana

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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

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