The Crazy Day Feng Shui Cure!

Mar 6, 2014 | Prosperity

do ho suh

(Do Ho Suh’s Cause & Effect from Lehmann Maupin) 

I love the artist Do Ho Suh’s work. The piece illustrates an artistic rendering of Cause and Effect, the cornerstone of all of life. I love that it is neutral – you can see it as rising or falling. Or perhaps both at once.  That is all of life to me.

I don’t believe in Murphy’s Law – you know, when something “bad” happens to start the day and then everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

I do believe that some days that have the feeling of “crazy” are meant to show you where you are at, and they serve to open the door to big, positive changes.

Here’s my crazy day feng shui cure.  I have found that a little system for creating calm in a storm helps to both get through it and use this crazy as a way of taking life to the next level.

Ready to make a crazy day the best day ever?!

The Crazy Day Feng Shui Cure 

your amazing places

(your amazing places) 

1. Roll with what is happening.  In feng shui speak this  means “following your energy.”  It’s interesting, in Self-Defense classes you learn that you have much more strength to fend off an attack if you lean into the motion coming toward you rather than directly challenging the energy and pushing back.  The harder you push at something the more it pushes you right back.  Rather, if you lean into the motion coming toward you, you can find the place where there is a weakness, an opportunity to deflect the intruder without being challenged with brute force of opposition.

Obviously this is a skill to master.  It’s a life skill to master, too!

Its scary to lean into crazy. But the more you can roll with things, the more you will be present and ready to spring back and turn everything the right way.

crystal mandala2. Stop your normal day routine and take care of whatever life is presenting you.  A 20 minute break to sort out your home flood rather than trying to take care of it while at work, in bits and pieces, will not make anything effective.  Try to focus in on the crazy and get it to a peaceful place, pushing everything else aside for even a few minutes.

3. Take the time to learn. Once you get some quiet in the storm, realize how you could have prevented this negative spiral.  When I tell my clients that for whatever reason they created the mess in their home, they are often shocked.  After all, they didn’t poke a hole in their roof that is leaking, or anything of the like.  But… if they maintained the roof, rather than deciding it was fine simply because it wasn’t leaking, this wouldn’t be a problem.  Realize all the ways you could be maintaining things in a more sound manner- whether it is a relationship, your health, your schedule, your work, your home or your car.  Blaming other people perpetuates problems!

home energy makeover

4. Rejuvenate your energy to move forward!  Here’s where fresh start feng shui is a great thing: burn some sage, or take an Epsom salt bath. You can try the Home Energy Makeover, or a version of it that works for you. Clearing out the crazy vibes paves the way for smooth sailing moving forward!

The last thing you want to do is forget to take care of yourself. You need fresh energy to keep life moving forward, strong!

You may not welcome the crazy days, but embrace them as a chance to make life so much better! xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    I love this quick-pick-me-up feng shui! I have a crazy few days ahead of me and know I will be using this tips.


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