Learning To Draw Can Change Your Life… So Let’s Do It!

Mar 7, 2014 | Creativity

drawing on right side of brain

It is time to stretch in a new direction!

While I know that I can be a real thrill to read about scientific breakthroughs, see gorgeous art, explore amazing interiors and get inspired to make changes in your space that change your perspective, and many of you both read and experiment with what you read here (and all of the Internet) to make your life look and feel better, I am excited to say that today we are doing to take one more step into the realm of risk and reward today… if you will join me!

It will be an adventure, for sure!!!

Today we are going to talk about something I am not inherently blessed with the ability to do, intuitively: Drawing.

Yes, drawing, like with a pencil and a piece of paper.

My drawings barely resemble geometry, never mind reality!

Can you draw?

Whether you can draw or not, there is a reason I am going to learn to draw and I would love to walk you through the weeks with me. Many reasons.

  • The act of learning how to draw literally expands your mind. Neuroscience has proven the brain is plastic (not fixed like a robot mega-computer as we once thought) and when you stimulate areas of the brain that get less exercise, you open new pathways to think, to dream and to do!
  • It stimulates your right brain to draw, and right brain thinking  (ie: big creativity) is the way to excel in any profession and to surmount any personal obstacle.
  • It is meditative to draw.
  • The process creates new ways of seeing the world, literally a fresh start in itself.

I think we can do it in a handful of weeks!

This book is kind of magic.  Here’s a before & after from a several day seminar that I found on the Internet to illustrate what this process can do:





(art classes austin)

Imagine what we can do?!

Imagine how cool it will be to uncover abilities you didn’t even know you had!?

The New Drawing on The right Side Of The Brain by Betty Edwards is a classic for a reason. There is also a reason she has led corporate seminars completely unrelated to art.  When you see things in a new way, possibilities unfold that are magnificent.

I can not draw like a genius at the moment. But I know I have it in me, and you do, too!

I can understand the process of Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain (you can read a bit about it HERE if you want to get an introduction straight from Betty Edwards) and I am absolutely thrilled to throw myself out of my own comfort zone to start a group to go through the process of both learning how to draw… and sharing all that happens personally for us as the drawing process unfolds.

Vulnerability and risk are the key to all sorts of growth.  But to carve out a space to challenge your mind and make actual art- especially if you are not apt to call yourself an artist- is a big deal. I struggle with it, too, creating time  despite how it’s the cornerstone of my work. Yet, the show must go on.  And I so hope you join us!

If you want to join this free and amazing group process you will need a few materials.  They do not have to be expensive at all, though you can go the high-style route if you so choose and get exquisite paper and pencils. I will be using the basics!)

The basic materials list : ( posting this to give you an idea; I suggest you look at the book first so you see illustrations of the view-finder, etc, and I will post all the materials this weekend so you see the inexpensive ones that I get and how I pull it all together)

1. A copy of The New Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain.  (you can likely find at your local library, at a bookstore near you, or you can get it HERE)

2. #2 pencils & a sharpener (or, to be fancy, a 4B pencil and a 4B graphite stick… both you can order online for a few dollars)

3. A few pieces of black cardboard (you make a little viewfinder, you will see it in the book) cut from 8X10 pieces of cardboard. (how-to is in the book) and a little sheet of clear plastic that has a bit of weight like a book report cover from a school supply shop or an art store.

4. Some paper or a sketchpad. (simple paper will do the trick)

5. An eraser (a standard pink one will do, or you can get a fancy white one for drawing)

6 A permanent marker (think: permanent sharpie), and a non-permanent marker (both easy to get)

7.  Some masking tape.

8. A couple of clips (binder clips, strong paperclips, etc)

The details are all at the front of the book. It is super-simple and-  due to the awesomeness of the Internet-  they are easy to gather!

TO JOIN THE GROUP ON FACEBOOK: click HERE and request an invite. I will let you in for sure!

We will start in a bit over a week- next weekend, March 15th.  Plenty of time to gather all you need.

And I just can’t wait to see what happens for all of you- and me, too!-  in the process.

With great excitement, I can’t wait to see you there! xoxo Dana


  1. maggie

    You always have such amazing book recs. I am currently working through week seven of the artist’s way…think I have to pick this up as well!

  2. Flora

    hmn…i guess i would have to get a facebook account to join…considering.
    ps. so glad that the efforts to support your blog were felt by you in such a nice way. it was fun to feel the desire to go in and vote for you and to reaffirm my interest in what you put out in the world and to me…blessings!

    • danaclaudat

      Sure… I don’t see why not. She explains how it is slightly different in certain chapters but I cant imagine why that should precule you from joining in!

  3. Bobbie

    This is perfect timing, I have worked my way through some of Drawing on the right side of the brain and as an art student I really need to keep going and finish it but I struggle to make the time. I’ve been looking for a group to join online for a few weeks, actually it was somehow through that process that I found your blog and now here you are organizing the exact group I’ve been searching for. I love serendipity! Thank you Dana 😀

    • danaclaudat

      I’m so excited to hear this Bobbie!!!



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