Three Tips To Help Creative Visualization Work Its Magic For You!

Mar 9, 2014 | Creativity

tie die mandala(you can get this mandala from courtenay tie dye here) 

Seeing what you want to create is a very big deal.

Bounties of scientific studies – lots focused on sports and visualization as a part of a training program where the results are easier to “measure” in sports performance- have come up with a great big conclusion.

It is much easier to achieve an outcome if you can envision it clearly beforehand.

We’ve all tried some form of visualization before, even if it’s daydreaming and don’t think it qualifies as “visualization.”

It does!

But, sometimes I struggle to visualize things. Maybe you do, too?

Have you ever tried to sit down and do the visualization/ manifestation exercises so much touted these days, only to come up blank or feel like it’s extremely hard to focus?

Lately I have been getting some wonderful knowledge in the world of envisioning things, and there are three key aspects of being able to see things clearly and meditate on an outcome in mental pictures that I have embraced! I hope you find them as helpful as I have!

tie dye

(courtenay tie dye)

To sharpen the focus of your mind’s eye…

1. Get physically calm before you start.

Sometimes I am all over the map mentally. My body is tense. My mind is moving a million miles an hour.

And, I get frustrated.

Sound familiar?

Srinivasan Pillay writes about the science of visualization in Huffington Post, emphasizing the fact that you have to be calm first: “When you start your visualization, strive to construct the image with your mind free of worries even if you have to sculpt out an “artificial space” to do this. When you visualize while worrying, it is like painting with a shaky brush. Calmness increases the creativity and authenticity of your “brushstrokes”.”

Taking a bath, doing a run or doing some “envisioning” first thing in the morning are all times where there is increased calm and the brain is closer to an Alpha (create mind) brain state where tons of change is possible.

2. Use some “visualization” sensory goodies.  My friend turned me on to using frankincense essential oil on the soles of my feet as well as the third eye point between my eyebrows, a new go-to habit of mine when my mind feels scattered and I am having trouble tuning in and envisioning things.

Some people put an quartz crystal on that same third eye point while they visualize as a way to focus and open up to their inner vision.

Music (*even a guided meditation tape) help some people to tune in and get into the rhythm of visualization.

3. Practice.   Apparently, the brain needs practice and exercise as much as the rest of the body does, so don’t neglect the practice.

You may not see things perfectly every day when you try to meditate on your visions and you may not even feel amazing each time you visualize. But with more patience and some practice, you can use these short visualization sessions every day as a way to extend your patience and focus more and more on what you want.

I use them as a way to get out of your my own way and live more freely without limits and distractions.

Of course, your home is a massive vision board of your life as well, so be sure to get your space in great shape to support all the greatness you see in your mind’s eye. The more you fill your environment with greatness, the more you and bring that energy into every day!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Valerie Nilson

    This is a great article, thank you!
    I find that I am much more capable of any kind of visualization/meditation after I’ve done a physical practice (walking, yoga, etc.)… When I access my body, my mind quiets and allows itself to listen.
    I also find that it’s easier for me to write than to visualize, especially when I’m dealing with a lot of things at once, or if I’m worried. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a visual learner, but writing can be much more cathartic than visualization. It could also be the connection between my thoughts and my hand, moving the energy from my brain into my body.
    I’ll have to try your tip on frankencense – that sounds divine!


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