Feng Shui For Accomplishing The Things That Never Seem To Get Done!

Mar 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

Yulia Vladkozska

(Yulia Vladkozska)

There is a great trick to getting things off your to-do list.

It is called: just doing them.

But there is something that gets in the way.


I hear it all the time.

Everyone wants it all at once.

Me, too!

Something similar to:  “I want a new house, a new car, a new relationship and I want to lose 20 pounds and start a business.”

This is great! Its great to have lots to want to accomplish.

Then, I suggest picking a few things that are most urgent.  Perhaps a new health routine and a  a new place to live.  After all, you can’t do anything without your health, and a great place to live is important to life.

Then I hear, ” Well, no, I have to focus on a relationship, too. And if I don’t start my business now, when will I start? And if I don’t move soon it will be bad. And then I have to do this, too. And this. And this.

So, when I am working with clients who have this “let’s do it all!” gusto, I explain to them what happens when your energy gets dispersed.

Chi- or energy, life force, that which you feel but can’t really see- is the fuel that makes life happen.

Focus that chi, keep it fresh and flowing, and you can do anything.  After all, the lazer beams that can cut through steel are nothing more than concentrated light, compact and focused in a very specific way.

Send that life force out in many directions with more dynamic artfulness and you may find you have a more illuminated life. Kind of the way a great crystal chandelier can spread light over an entire room with twinkle toward every corner. Nothing is too bight, but everything is lit up.

Try to use the force of that chi to change the condition of many things at once and you may find that, as it is splintered off and pulled in may directions it lacks the strength of a lazer beam, or even a flashlight.

The more you send energy out in many directions at once, the less able you will be to melt steel. Or see any changes, for that matter.

grid of light



If you have multiple, large endeavors that require significant focus to create a significant result, pick one or two as your focus. Shine light and energy on all of them.  But pick where to focus the lazer of your life.

Despite what you may think, when you focus on one or two things and create siginicant change, everything gets better.

When you are making real progress in one area of life, you build confidence, poise, grace and ease with the next things.  You become like a crystal chandelier, illuminating even the dark corners that are far away.

Next time you get in a spot where you want to change a very many things in a big way all at once, ask yourself: Would you want someone to come repair your house with plastic tools? Would you like a doctor to perform a surgery on your while watching TV?  Would you like to be in a relationship with someone who is with you and talking on the phone the entire time?

This is what happens when you do everything major at once.

Insightful psychologists have told me that this “do it all at once” tendancy is a major form of self-sabotage.  You make the stakes so high to do so much that ultimately even if you succeed you fail because it was so bankrupting to your happiness to get to the finish line.

So, this week: get your life force shining and clear. And finish the things that don’t seem to be getting done.

Know what you need to move forward. Where does the lazer beam focus?

Let the energy you get from all you accomplish light up the rest of your life!

And to really get the energy of your life force shining, eat well, sleep a lot and stay away from toxic drama. xoxo Dana




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  1. Faith

    I really do love the way you bring Feng Shui into all aspects of our lives in a way that is fresh, creative and inspiring. I’ve been shining my energy everywhere at once so I really appreciate hearing why it is so important to narrow my focus for a brighter result everywhere. Thank you Dana!!

  2. danaclaudat

    You are so welcome Faith! Thank you for this message!!! And yes… one thing at a time tends to go better… I am doing that myself, too 😉


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