Why We All Need Deadlines To Shape Time!

Mar 17, 2014 | Prosperity

yago hortal

(Yago Hortal) 

Today is the best day ever to start designing your time.

In feng shui, I deal a lot with where energy moves in a house and in a life. They mirror one another.  You can see, for example, if money is leaking out of a house and a life by looking at the plumbing and the way things are set up in space.  I can also see the same in how people organize their finances.  When you re-shape and shore up the financial flow, money comes- and stays- more readily.

Time is more valuable than money.  Yet, the temptation is to let time sort of happen.

You wouldn’t have people pay you whenever they feel like it, yet we all tend to treat time in this way, using it whenever we feel like it and then feeling bankrupt when we reflect on where it has all gone.  Things get lackluster.  Lots of noise can creep into your time. You may waste it because it seems to have nothing defining its boundaries.

Set a deadline and watch the space clear & the fireworks fly! 

do something today

I have had many “pings” from the universe lately about deadlines…and my lack of them. I have been a bit too la-dee-dah about setting a few. Have you?

And then, after three people asked me the same question (Dana, why have you not finished that big thing yet?) I set a few very serious and enticing finish lines in the sands of time.

Why I waited so long, I will never know!

Designing time is a creativity-inducing action. It brings more of a “game” to life.  Things get very resourceful and exciting within the boundaries of designed time!

I highly recommend a little time design!

Here are few things that can help you design your time—

Be accountable. I signed a contract with someone I am accountable to that said that by 6pm today I would have an outline done from an important project. Let me tell you, I had 5 months to do this outline and it may get done within an hour but it will be done.

printable calendar

(these are gorgeous & instantly printable on Etsy!)

Be clear on a calendar.  Yes, you need a calendar. I need a calendar.  It has come to my attention as I now run a big blog that my even my blog needs a calendar to be more awesome!  I am a fan of the planner that you can write in by hand.  Get one. Or use a computer calendar. But, use your calendar. See how your sense of time changes.

yago hortal

(Yago Hortal) 

Be excited. Then I got this brilliant blog post in my inbox from my friend and enormously brilliant sex & intimacy expert , Kim Anami, How To Get  Your Ideas Into The World.  She writes about setting impossible deadlines. And it is exciting:

“It’s tempting to put a very manageable deadline into place, far off into the future.

Or worse, not to give yourself a deadline at all.

Instead, make the deadline sooner than you are comfortable with. Much sooner.

I do this all the time.

What this does, is it garners the Goethe-like forces of the universe.

Suddenly, people, opportunities—anything that is involved with helping me reach my goal—start falling into my lap.”  (the whole must-read article is right HERE)

inspiration board


Be you-first.  If your schedule is all about work and nothing four you to enjoy, I bet you will stop using it, or start dreading it.  Fill in your you time first in a color like blue if you can, for confidence and self-value!  Exercise, yoga, date nights, parties, holidays, events, spa: fun stuff first. And then let your work and other obligations flow in. When you are you-first, you don’t run the risk of over-scheduling your life.

Now… go get some deadlines set!  The world is waiting to hear from you…!

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana




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