30-Day Drama Detox!

Mar 18, 2014 | Prosperity

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My friends are brilliant, and so inspiring.

I saw one friend recently. She was shining.

“I’m on Day 2,” she said.

I knew it would be something good.

“Drama Detox. 30 Days; No drama.”


While we typically think of quitting a substance and detoxing physically, it is just as important to detox from emotional patterns that are toxic.

Drama: a life filled with crazy-makers, unstable personalities, volatile anger, intense depression surrounding you, addicts in the midst of using drugs, passive aggressive people hell-bent on stirring up problems…etc. etc. etc.


Drama is a funny kind of emotional addiction.  It makes you feel terrible while simultaneously making you feel important.  The rush of all sorts of stress chemicals like adrenaline give you a false sense of power. Everything is suddenly very heightened.  The crash is deafening, though.

People embroiled in drama tend to make less money or spend what they have suddenly,  find their way toward less progress in life, have more health problems and generally are not very happy.

You and I both know that, though, don’t we?!

30 Days. No Drama.

You may need to shut off your phone, find new places to socialize, spend more time in nature or even take a little vacation. Whatever it takes, to know what even a week free of this energy-bending chaos feels like will convince you that it is worth whatever changes you need to make within you (*yes, since we all bring the drama in to our lives, we have to change our magnetic pull toward it!)  to free yourself from the drama for good!  xoxo Dana



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