6 Gorgeous DIY Tips To Embrace Spring Beauty In A Holistic Way!

Mar 20, 2014 | The Beautiful

lavender lemonade

(eat yourself skinny lavender lemonade)

Beauty is a holistic endeavor. Men and women alike all look more magnetically radiant when they are well-nourished and living closer to nature.  Something as simple and unforgettable as infusing your lemonade with lavender (check out the how-to HERE from Eat Yourself Skinny; I’m making it with honey!) can turn the orginary into something energetically blissful.

These simple holistic ideas can spark a new Spring romance with your lifestyle… and get the flow going brilliantly!  

fruit bird feeder

(a cowboy’s wife)

Bring nature closer to your home. A regular bird feeder will do the trick, but this fuit bird feeder from A Cowboy’s Wife is unique and delicious looking! 

diy herb garden mason jars

 (you can get this on Etsy) 

 Maximize your patio or balcony space by growing things vertically.  THIS awesome planter from Etsy can help you grow herbs toward the sky! Yes, you can try to DIY it, but I think this is a project you may want to buy 🙂

magic carpet yoga mat

Stretch in more style!  Facts in my life: I run when I love the way my running shoes look. I do more yoga when I like my yoga mat or clothes.  These simple facts are undeniably true for me, and perhaps for you, too?!

Stretching is a big psrt of the feng shui elemental makeup of Spring, so embrace it! I happen to adore this Magic Carpet yoga mat from Antrhropologie.   You can find others that call your name.  Even a simple mat with a great texture will entice you to stretch much more!

diy bathroom spa

(spa bathroom via tricia joyce)

Create more of a bathroom spa!  For this one I made you a whole video, and reposting it here to get you spa-making in a feng shui way.

coffee scrub

(Henry Happened) 

 I love this blog Henry Happened, and this idea WORKS, especially if you struggle as I do with puffy Spring eyes in the morning!  Make little ice “scrubs’ of coconut oil and coffee and let the chilly caffinated goodness wake up your face, your body and your sense of the divine.  Try it HERE. 

Spring beautiful…!  Let the sunshine, beauty & romance flow…!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Ken

    Great tips Dana. I do have the bathroom in my bedroom- but only shower. i put a round mirror on the door out side. Many thanks for all your tips.
    Humble greeting with all my light!
    Bytheway you look awesome. Love your hair- look very healthy!! Ken


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