Five Feng Shui Tips For Decorating With Wood Floors & White Walls!

Mar 20, 2014 | Home Style

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Wood & white.  Today’s inspiration is a combination many of you are likely to have at home.  White walls, wood floors is the typical combination. Here… in this post… not all floors are wood, but you will get a sense of what it is to balance lots of wood and white.

The crisp white metal energy and the creative wood energy together can be a wonderful creative and focused mix.  Here are a few tricks to making this combination work beautifully in a feng shui way!

white interiors with wood


Trick #1: to make lots of wood and white work, add water element.  The black color and repetitive floor pattern add a flow to this space that fuels the combination.  If you can’t redo your floors (!) try place mats, pottery with a pattern or some art that brings in watery elements.

white interiors with wood

Trick #2: Add a mirror.  This is a great way to add power and shine to a space and help it come together elementally.

white interiors with wood


Trick #3: Add books.  In a wood and white space, books add character and more dynamism along with a spectrum of colors that bring in additional symbolism.

white interiors with wood

Trick  #4: make it actual white. If you have white walls in your space that are leaning toward swiss coffee or some other rental shade of neutral, I would suggest painting the walls in your main living area a more pure white. If you rent, check with the building first that they won’t have you re-paint over this shade.  Why go white? True white has this stark purity and openness that creates a crisp landscape in a room.

white interiors with wood


Trick #5: Add a bit of printed fabric.  Kilim rugs, great upholstered pillows… Can you see how this really fuses the room together!?

Simple… but this common combo can fall flat if you overdo it with decor or leave it too stark… so let the balance flow!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Flora

    Oh my goodness! I am in my own home that I have been in for years yet…the room I am in right now is that rental shade.
    But I have this thing going on – I actually like that rental white color! It reminds me of.. sand…I even bought some in no voc paint…back before no voc was common…
    It may be because my city is so colorful that the beige feels…so soothing!
    Ah well, food for thought!

    Also, as a landlady I think that any color that is not a huge pain in the bottom to paint over should be allowed! Especially if a paint redo needs to happen anyway or if the tenant wants to do the paint work themselves. And if a tenant wants to include in the agreement repainting properly before they leave, then they should be allowed any color they like! The only reason for lighter colors is because…renters move on…and those colors are desired by a wider range of people.

  2. Ken

    Yay!! This made my day. You inspire me. L love the combi -white walls and wood floors! So fresh and clean. Thanks Dana!
    With love and joy!! Ken



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