How To Have More Lucid Dreams!

Mar 21, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

david adey

(David Adey)

I love dream time.  It may not be the soundest and most rejuvenating part of the sleep cycle, but so many images and ideas and even solutions to problems come to me in my dreams.  I have already shared a bunch of tips to help you remember and decode your dreams (you can check them out HERE) but today I thought it would be fun to get deeper into colorful dreaming and recalling what happened in your sleep.

Here are some tips to have more vibrant dreams- even lucid dreams where you are aware you are dreaming as you are dreaming- and to be able to recall them more vibrantly. 

never stop dreaming


Lucid Dreaming & Logging Your Dream Thoughts! 

For more lucid dreaming….

*Believe that you can. If you have never had a dream before that was real enough to be real life, before you go to bed every night tell yourself that you can have lucid dreams.  Also, don’t forget to add that you will remember those lucid dreams!

* Keep a regular sleep schedule.  A regular sleep schedule (or close to regular) will help you experience a more restful sleep as your body will be in a more typical sleep pattern that includes dreaming!

* Scalp Massage.  Massaging your scalp at night can help you to have more lucid dreams.  This DIY scalp massage can get you going.  The website Social Consciousness explains :

” When you massage your scalp, you release endorphins and serotonin. The endorphins give you a relaxing sensation that will help you fall asleep faster. Serotonin is used to create melatonin, so naturally the more serotonin you produce the more melatonin you produce. Melatonin leads to more vivid dreams, which means a higher chance of becoming lucid.”

*Aromatherapy. Some rose oil, sandalwood oil and even patchouli can help you sleep more deeply.

*Melatonin, as afore mentioned,  can help with lucid dreaming.  Melatonin tablets have given me crazy dreams to the point where I can’t take it and be comfortable… but I think that is social proof that it does work!

* Vitamin B6:  Lucid All Night talks about the importance of B6 to create a deamscape. “For a great vivid dream, you should take about 250mg of Vitamin B6. You can find a bunch of B6 and B complex suppliments at pharmacies, nutrition stores, any place you can get vitamins. ”

david adey

(David Adey) 

And to remember your dreams better…

*Time your waking-ups! Lucidity shared a method to use an alarm clock with precision to wake up when you are dreaming…

“If you find that you sleep too deeply to awaken from your dreams, try setting an alarm clock to wake you at a time when you are likely to be dreaming. Since our REM periods occur at approximately 90 minute intervals, good times will be multiples of 90 minutes after you go to sleep. Aim for the later REM periods by setting the alarm to go off at 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours after you go to sleep. Once again, when you wake up, don’t move and think first of what you were just dreaming before writing. “

When I am dreaming I feel I am plugged into another consciousness.

Do you?

I actually- and yes, I am admitting this- feel like I leave the planet when I have lucid dreams!

There are so many more tips and methods to share but start here and — feng shui your bedroom!— and set yourself up to dream in technicolor!  xoxo Dana

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(* How incredible is this artist David Adey?! It is work like this that comes to me in dreams. I just love it!!! )


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