7 Simple & Powerful Feng Shui Tips For A Healthier Body & Emotional Life!

Mar 23, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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Today I have a big handful of tips to share to keep your energy flowing and keep both your body and your emotional well-being in check in the midst of your busy life.

These are modern world adaptations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and feng shui.

I just finished what was one of the more breakthrough acupucture sessions I have ever had.  This is saying much for the hundreds of hours in the last four years that I have laid on a table covered in needles.

My life is pretty great at the moment and I have immense gratitude for how things fall into place and how many opportunities I have,  all the help I have been given and all the art that is flowing into the world.  Lately, though, I have felt… stressed. Super-stressed. Stressed for no good reason.

Things couldn’t be more awesome.

Why was I so whacked out?

Dr. Wing – my guru acupunturist- explained to me the key to where the stress I was feeling- the stress causing physical tension and even emotional upset- was likely coming from.  And these are some big tips. Ones that may have you re-thinking the patterns of your life as I am doing with my own…!

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The cornerstone of today’s wellness lesson for me: physical stress triggers emotional stress.  When your body is under physical duress, it sets off energetic reactions that lead to emotional turmoil, too.  Emotional stress has been acknowledged by all of medicine (West & East) as the cause of major disease, genetic disruption and, also, mental illness.  I may add that emotional stress can kill your relationships, sex drive, your radiance and your financial flows as well.

It is well worth making lifestyle changes to reduce the stress in your life.

These are a handful of tips that can significantly cut down on some stealth ways our bodies are stressed. I acknowledge that some require a lifestyle change, especially at work.  I am thrilled to do this!

1. Cut down on your computer time.  Consciously spend far less time at your computer.  Get up every 30 minutes for at least a five minute break. Computers do not JUST emit EMF toxins, they also disrupt your energy as your focus goes into a screen.  They twist up your energetic flow… and your posture, too.

Given my life online, I admit this is a challenge, but I am going to alter how I work ( wrtiting more offline, and typing online) and streamlining to spend less time in front of a screen.

2.Get up and stretch throughout the day, in your frequent computer breaks.  Lock your fingers together in a grid and put them over your head like a halo.  Look up and breathe, holding your arms where it is a comfortable relief.  Reverse it and do the same, locking your fingers behind your back and stretching, breathing the whole time.

Sitting less in eneral is extremely important.  THIS article from Mercola can help you to realign yourself sitting and functioning in a more grounded fashion.  It is really amazing and includes a TED talk you will love!

3. Exercise a lot, but less forcefully.  Unless you love jogging, passionately, consider hiking or big walks as your main exercise.

4. Get your posture together.  Poor posture puts stress on your entire body.  Lifehacker explains the science between the straight spine and your happiness HERE, if you want to go deeper and have the motivation to sit straight.

5. Spend more time in nature.  I have talked a whole lot about this, but it is intimately linked to today’s discussion so I am including it again.  Scientific studies show that time in nature can do everything from lowering your blood pressure to reducing  stress hormones in your body dramatically.  Having lots of plants in your house that you care for does (key: you have to care for them), indeed, count toward more nature time, though real immersion in nature is best!

6. Do that home chemical detox!  Many of you have gotten the 5-Part Detox Jump Start course (you can sign up below at the bottom of the post and start now for free!) and I hope you do it for your own home/life wellness.  I am also passionate about you removing the physical stresses that things like phthalates (in fake fragrances like dish detergent and cosmetics and, yes, perfume!) add to your body. It makes a huge difference to lessen your toxic load.

7. Sleep more.  The single most physically stressful thing in my life is missing an hour of sleep for a few days in a row. I become a very tense person for no good reason!  Sleep deprivation affects your immunse system and genetics, so its a serious thing to get enough sleep… as in, sleeping so you can wake up without an alarm dragging you from bed!  More feng shui to sleep well is right HERE for your exploration!

See how one or more of these shifts can make  a change in your life.  They might just you happier, more vibrant and, even, much healthier, too!  

xoxo Dana



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