5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving This Week That Bring Creative Expansion!

Mar 24, 2014 | Creativity

street art

From more peace in wandering the streets taking longer breaks, to new collaborations, this week is all about ways I am loving creative expansion… ways you can hopefully explore for yourself as Spring is Springing! 1. Taking more breaks.  If you missed it, my acupunturist prescribed me more breaks… as well as less overall time in front of a computer- and this is a very big lesson that we all can apply to our lives for better health.  YES: health! More peace wandering in breaks and rest, less computers!  You can read all about it HERE if you want to know more.

canon rebel t3i

2. Learning a new skill! For me, photography is an expansive new craft as it will let me capture more of the world and also video (yep, the You Tube is about to get real!) in ways that I once felt limited.  Get ready for some beautiful things… And  think of how you can invest- even in small ways- to advance your own creative endeavors.

dana claudat

3. Collaboration brings much more to your life. While I am such a believer in going our own ways through life, without collaboration- relationships, professional team-building and business/creativecollaboration- things are more limited. Connect to people you want to collaborate with. You’ll know by how organic the flow is if you’ve found a collaborator that can expand both of your creative lives!  And, yes… above, me & Ariel Joseph Towne (aka, The Feng Shui Guy) are starting a fun exploration of collaboration that I think you will love! Think : Design + Magic.

drawing dana claudat

4. Making art is really expansive. If I could only express in words all that drawing is breining to my life. You can learn more and join our Facebook group HERE to see for yourself!

daily planner

5. A daily planner- an actually handwritten one, has revolutionized my days. HERE is the one I printed from The Handmade Home.  But you may want to get a planner. I love mine.  I don’t know how I functioned beforehand.

Organize, connect, enjoy life more… and it is easier to creatively expand!

And… You can follow me HERE on Instagram where more and more images will be rolling out as the sun starts shining more this Spring! xoxo Dana




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  1. mary

    Thanks for sharing…..soooo cool.
    I’ve been a list gal all my life.
    I can’t wait to assemble/decorate my new planner.
    Dana, I think you’re great!

    • danaclaudat

      Mary, you are amazing! Do it! Planners are under-rated!!! xoxoxoxo


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