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Mar 24, 2014 | Home Style

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On of the first “features” if you will from my Tumblr years ago was “Etsy I Love”.  It was such a joy to share handmade and finey curated vintage goodies with a stylish audience.  As I sat to think of how I could use this great big blog to help more in ways that mattered to me… I realized that I am going back to my handcrafted love and promoting the pants off of Etsy sellers I adore.

Etsy is where I found unbelievable hair gel I can’t like without, some of my favorite soaps, housewares that are beyond belief and holistic juju that blows my mind.

This week: some handmade bedding from NightByrd kicks off the handwoven Etsy I Love! Here’s much more…along with my ideas to help showcase sellers who deserve more light shined on them in the months to come.

vintage mexican blanket


This handwoven blanket from waterandjewel is perfect for yoga and also amazing as a throw blanket on your favotie chair or at your desk in a home office. They have a totally respendent collection, and these blankets are so inexpensive it is shocking!

vintage blankets


BeingGypsy has a series of handmade quilts that can hang on giant walls, act as bedspreads and more. Think: ideas Spring/Summer bed style.

vintage kilim


Sheepsroad has a kilim rug that has me in a trance.  All of their rugs have a very particular vntage charm and finey preserved quality. I so want this one… I can’t explain how badly I want it!

turkish towels

The CottonBathTowels shop has gorgeously detailed Turkish bath towels in pastel bundles.

vintage crocket


And oh, what a steal bythewayside vintage shoppe has for handmade granny square blankets —  under $50!

What great scores you can only find on Etsy for a home with handmade charm and vintage chic.

While this was a fun warm-up post, of my favorites… lets go wider!

My plan is to feature more fun stories on Etsy sellers in a spotlight, especially artists!  Tell me about yourself if you make something that contributes to:  balance, creativity and holistic artistry… that is art, natural beauty, wellness, furniture, accessories, vintage or anything that you think I should see!*

*Do so knowing that I can’t respond to all of these messages, but I will see them all:  Put ETSY in the subject line.  I will ignore people who don’t as Spam because I get about a thousand emails a week!

& I am cooking up ways to collaborate more with the handmade sphere and will be offering super-crazy-discounted ads to all the handmade folks in the Etsy-sphere as I really want to push forward the handcrafted movement as much as I possibly can.

Join me!

And add more personality, life and love to your home with handmade, unique treasures. xoxo Dana



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